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Due to horrific lighting conditions the pictures suck. I will make new ones and upload them next weekend. Because it's the end of the month I will post them now already, so I can license them. Please address all your complaints about photography to the EGS.



In his warehouse in Montario Román Fontonajo stores only those things that are needed in a town of wealth
such as Montario. Especially food, but also some jewellery and fine clothes, and of course wine, beer and
other alcoholic drinks. Most of the owners of the local food stores or restaurants come to his warehouse to
buy their supplies. Like the young lady, who owns a small restaurant "Annetta", where you can enjoy the
finest taste of Corrington's kitchens. Of course Román is negotiating prices with her.




30041148304_87567f51e9_n.jpg 30041148664_8b7e78d380_n.jpg 30372824800_86f3a4047e_n.jpg

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I like the roof ends (gable?) and the curve you do with them. It helps contain the roof and provides a nice variation.

That is a very busy looking warehouse. Though with it that full, he better get to selling those goods before the next ship arrives. 

I like the roof color. The angles of the base are nice as well. Is the frame and roof removable or did you take interior pictures prior to building? It looked removable but I didn't see any plates helping it get pulled off easily.

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I really like the style you are creating for Montario, and this warehouse is a great example how it can be used for more utilitarian buildings. The highlights of this build is the stacked goods on the inside, and details like the small windows raised to ensure light reaches over the wares. The doors are great too.

But I have to ask... Is it only the young and pretty ladies who get the honour of trading directly with Fontonajo? ;)

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