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Dear all,


For the pneumatic contest, I've built a huge robot called ''Nemesis''(from the ancient greek goddess) and I would like to

share it with you.


Nemesis has 22 pneumatic functions operated by a double compressor. All pneumatic valves are operated only manually according to the

competition. Has a weight of 8kg and consists of 8000 lego technic bricks.


Total air cylinders :

26 large

11 mini


The compressor uses 2 large pneumatic pumps operated by a PF XL motor.



The maximum pressure that can be reached by this pneumatic system is 28 psi with fresh batteries.


Due to more than 30 pneumatic ''T-air pieces''pressure cannot reach a higher level because there is a huge drag and the XL motor has no power to

rotate more. The length of pneumatic tubes are between 0.5 and 1.5 meters long. Due to the large hoses, large air storage is needed because there

is a lot of air loss in the system.


The air of the whole system is stored inside 2 lego air tanks (although the system needed far more) :




The compressor has an auto-pneumatic switch using a large cylinder, which turns the air engine off when the pressure reaches 24 psi.



A manometer is used for showing the air pressure at any time.




Functions :


Nemesis has 2 arms. The bigger front arm has 15 pneumatic functions and the small back arm has 5 pneumatic functions.


The small back arm has the following movements :


a) small gripper




b) elbow1




c) elbow2




d) shoulder




e) shoulder rotation





The huge front arm has the following movements :


a) large gripper, operating 10 fingers independently having 2 mini cylinders each




b) wrist, operating 2 functions (up-down and turning)



c) elbow




d) shoulder



e) shoulder turning





Besides, the robot has 2 more pneumatic functions :

1) Face movement



2) A third gripper which is mostly for fun (e.g. for scaring house cats)




Here is the video of the project :




Thanks for watching :classic:


Good luck to everyone!



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Indeed! About 100 hours, quite complicated.

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I had missed this one! Quite incredible ...

Will you submit it in the official submission thread?

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