My first freebuild in a year or so. I'm quite happy with it and finally someone helped me with the pictures, that was always big trouble for me. Attack on breezerock cabbin. The northern rangers got a message that a dragon was spotted near Breezerock village, so they sent three of their rangers to the village to investigate, At their arrival they already saw him landing at the cabbin, so they hurried up there. Captain Finn took his brother David and a rookie, Fredd with him to Breezerock.  David "Now you can finally get some real action Fredd, this is nothing like your training!!" Fredd "I don't care, I trained for this my half life, I am ready!"   As soon as they were at the cabbin, the dragon came down like he smelled fresh meat. He immediatley attacked with a couple of ice blasts, one right at Captain Finn.   Finn "pfff I have had hotter enemies, get it David? Because it's an ice dragon haha" (Finn is not one of the most funny captains luckily) David *whispering* "How did he ever get to be captain......"   Right as David is going to charge the dragon, it almost seems as if the dragon knew his attempt and blasts a big beam of ice at him. David "oeh luckily the mage blessed my shield with an anti frost potion, otherwise I would likely be as cold as a deep Mitgardian winter's night right now!" Finn "You're taking heavy ice David! Get it, instead of heavy fire?? Hahahahaha"   Lady Sue with her young boy are not so happy with the dragon attack!     Two pictures of just the dragon. I am quite happy with the moc and I think this is my best dragon so far. I was heavily inspired by the videogame Skyrim for the shape of the dragon (more a wyvern actually) and also by a moc on mocpages by stormbringer I saw a couple of months ago. It is also a contest entry on flickr for a dragon contest by Nuju Metru. Please let me know what you guys think, I really appreciate it! Thanks!