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[K-G10] Reporting in

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Location: G10
Tags: Exploration

This story was meant to come much earlier as my previous three part story was meant to be one week (and I also missed a few weeks and the aliens).
It's also a lot of text as it was meant to tie together several stories (which you might now have forgotten) and lead the way for other stories (that never came) Well, just take it for what it is.

Raven is now back on Onix and within a Kawashita base so she can communicate again.

Reporting in


19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg I got the data but it look like Octan doesn't have more intel than we on this. It's a good case but not enough evidence which is probably why they haven't brought him in. There's unfortunately nothing for us to get closer on the bomber. How are Brik doing?

23018988916_703f9c3c6f_o.jpg He's back but haven't filed a report yet.

19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Patch me over to him.

19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Brik, how was your mission?

28606753070_a817438232_o.jpgI found him on Sorn. (this would be while he was on Guinevere, before he met with SPIDER)

19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg So how did it go? Have he said anything?

28606753070_a817438232_o.jpg He said he had been set up. It was something of a company mater and he couldn't go in on any details.

19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg That's it? Maybe I can get more out of him.


28606753070_a817438232_o.jpg Probably not, as I let him go.

19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg You what?

28606753070_a817438232_o.jpg Well, he really seemed innocent and he was going to look into it.

19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Tell me you at least got a name.

28606753070_a817438232_o.jpg He didn't want to say. It was kind of personal.

19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Think! Did he say anything of value because we have nothing as of now.

28606753070_a817438232_o.jpg Well, he did mention a general but that could be anyone so I don't...

19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Was it “a general” or “the General”? The Dust Demons use that kind of naming. Come to think of it, they did talk about a General. Below the Commodore but still very high. If so, it make sense this “General” want me dead. I wonder if he work alone or if the Dust Demons now work with MANTIS. Either way, it's time we bring back a retired asset. You will go to Orinshi and reinstate him. I give more instructions when you arrive.


Earlier in MANTIS space on the 26th of Junali.

27308643216_1e01e57404_s.jpg What do you want?!


19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg Oh... I... You have been watching the news for more than a day...

27308643216_1e01e57404_s.jpg So?

19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg No, nothing wrong with that... We where just wondering if you where feeling all right.

27308643216_1e01e57404_s.jpg Of course I am!

19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg Good, good.

27308643216_1e01e57404_s.jpg It's just... I thought it would feel... better, somehow.

19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg Maybe you should try to let it go.

27308643216_1e01e57404_s.jpg I will. I just need something substantial. A proper end.


Several days later:

19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg We managed to get the security photage from the day of the explosion.

27308643216_1e01e57404_s.jpg Good, now leave.


Extra pictures:

The whole office and without the photoshoped monitors

It's funny that I even ordered the head for the General and end up showing her from behind and also forgot to photograph her for the portrait.

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Very nice build Eta, I really like the lava river, and the plants on Onix. reversing the baseplate for the Mantis scene is an interesting choice, but I think it works well. Can't wait to see where the story goes as well. 

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