[O-H04] The Pantsuit

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Tags: Science (Testing Mech), Land Vehicle

Planet: Crofter's Ridge 



Receiving incoming message.

30283869821_4f06d5bb69_t.jpg "Dr. Long, This is Emily DuPont. Do you read?"

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "You're coming in clear, but aren't you supposed to be testing the new Executive Class Walker that the engineering division so humorously dubbed "The Pantsuit"?"




30283869821_4f06d5bb69_t.jpg "I'm multitasking. It's about Operation Silent Silver."

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "Hmm. What of it? The operation was going flawlessly until recently. Its failure has not been well received by Corporate." 

30283869821_4f06d5bb69_t.jpg "Yeah, I can imagine. But I'm sure we'll get to the bottom of this... guess who just gave me a call?"


30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "Who?"

30283869821_4f06d5bb69_t.jpg "The Jade Sun's escort, my mentor, Vyken Tyros."

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "I have him listed as MIA" 


30283869821_4f06d5bb69_t.jpg "I just received a message from him. He claims that he was shot down by an unknown MANTIS agent. A woman with red hair. Her and another more well-known operative by the name of Gnarl Graves, who took him down in a fight afterwards." 

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "Good. We'll have him debriefed to find out what went wrong this time. Operations like his are a crucial aspect of our strategy in the Quarrel. We have much to learn from this if we intend to maintain our presence there. Have you anything else to report?"

30283869821_4f06d5bb69_t.jpg "He needs a transport." 



Only the mech is new this week. Didn't get a chance to build so I pulled this one out of my build-reserves. Originally this was part of my Mech contest entry but I remodelled it once I realized it shouldn't be a mecha suit. Might be worth noting, while the mech's name may seem relevant to current news items, I've actually been planning on using that name long before this election cycle. :tongue:


~Insectoid Aristocrat


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The pantsuit... a classic. Next you'll be building a mech called "Crazy hair" :laugh: 

I considered doing a build of Jebediah erecting a wall on a desert planet to keep out real aliens... but thought that one might be in poor taste.

In all seriousness, I really like the rollcage.

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Nice choice swapping out the traditional Octan red for pink! I think I'd like to see an official Friends Octan set that did the same thing, just for the outrage it would probably cause :grin:

Great use of the doors on the back and feet too!

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