Big Sal

[M - G02] Fugitives Pt 1

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Location: G02 Freegate

Tags: Land vehicle, spying

Note to judges: The spaceship is from a previous build and shouldn't be judged


Somewhere in M.A.N.T.I.S. deep space:



... a bounty on the both of them. 20 credits alive and 50 credits dead. The spy will insist that he is the real Big Sal. Don't believe him no matter how convincing he is. Remember shoot first and don't ask questions! Goodnight.....

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgOnly 50 credits?! That's just insulting.

18844478949_7e014b02f9_o.jpgNevertheless, we can't stay in M.A.N.T.I.S. space. Someone will catch us eventually.


18844478949_7e014b02f9_o.jpgI have some... contacts... in Octan. Maybe we should hide out in their territory until we figure something out.

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgOk, but I need to be able to contact my people in M.A.N.T.I.S., assuming they're still loyal. I know of a remote Octan radar station on Freegate. If we can hack it, we should be able to bounce our comms through it and stay in contact with MANTIS space wherever we are in Octan space.

18844478949_7e014b02f9_o.jpgThat would be a good idea... if the M.A.N.T.I.S. fleet weren't currently in orbit around Freegate.

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgRelax Long! I told you, this ship is theoretically completely undetectable! We'll fly right past them!



18844478949_7e014b02f9_o.jpgI can't believe that worked.

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgI told you! Completely undetectable!

18844478949_7e014b02f9_o.jpgIf that's true, why didn't we land next to the radar instead of at the bottom of the mountain?

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgErr... never hurts to be careful...

18844478949_7e014b02f9_o.jpgSo you decided it was safer for us to freeze to death riding the world's slowest lift to the top instead?



17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgMuch safer! There's far less chance of anyone detecting us this way. I mean, it's not as if this dumb robot is going to tell anyone about us, right?






17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgI feel like that was unnecessary...



18844478949_7e014b02f9_o.jpgFinally! That took forever. It's getting dark already.

17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgWell, how was I supposed to know it had legs?! I thought it would just be at the top of the lift!



17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgThere, I've attached our comms device and hacked it into their systems.

18844478949_7e014b02f9_o.jpgAt last.



17971638764_d8c2d39728_o.jpgI hope you know how to make the lift work without that robot...


Thanks for reading! C&C welcome! More pics in the spoiler.








Edited by Big Sal

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The hacking com device with the scanner is a good idea.

The lift is a great built especially with the caterpillar track on the cliff.

The robot's fate made me laugh :grin: the prof would have had the same reaction.

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Looks like Octan has done well converting old Explorien tech. High fives to you for making some of the most awkward (but cool) pieces from that era look seamless.

I wondered what Sal would do when the bounty order went out...

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The scene on the lift with the robot was awesome. Love the storyline! Can't wait to see where it goes. Should you need a new corporate home, we here at Octan are always waiting with open arms. Octan - "The Friendly Corporation!" :grin:

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Excellent build. I like the seasonal effect for the build, Feels like I'm out in the cold. Also the picture effect with the robot falling, Looks perfect. 

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Very nice build, all around. The Robot part cracked me up as well. :laugh:

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