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[TC10] Pneumatic Rock Loader

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Hi! Today I’d like to present new model designed special for Pneumatic contest. It is heavy Rock Loader. At first I wanted to create tracked chassis but the final version is wheel-based.



Transport dimensions: 88 x 25 x 27 cm, total weight – 5 kg (four large BBs in the tower are used as a counterweight). The model has no motors :)

In the rear part of the model you can see eight pneumatic valves:

- Clearance adjustment, left and right independent (six large cylinders);

- Outriggers deployment (four small 11L cylinders);

- Outriggers (eight large cylinders);

- Superstructure rotation (+-90 degrees, two large cylinders);

- Boom lifting (two large 11L cylinders);

- Boom extension (two large 11L cylinders);

- Bucket unloading (two large cylinders).


Here you can see detailed video demonstration:

Also the model has a few mechanical functions:

- Independent suspension;

- 4x6 normal steering;

- 6x6 crab steering;

- bucket self-leveling system (a lot of gears on the boom :));

- Expander (four large pumps).

Detailed photos you can find on my Flickr page:








Thanks for watching! I hope you like it :)

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First for the images, use that "download this photo" button at bottom left part when you are watching the picture in Flickr. Then you can click on "view all sizes" and on the next page, just choose the resolution you want and right click on the image and "copy image location". At least, that how I do it from Flickr.

Impressive working model with no motors! Too big for its own good :)

It reminds me of this trucks:


Your model has great choice of functions, and they work well. It is a little bendy in the middle when lifted, that's the only thing i don't like, and drivers visibility could be better :)

Overall, great and big model!



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2 Milan: Thanks for help! It seems I have problems with Google+

You are right the chassis could be stronger )

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Wow, just awesome. Like Milan the middle of chassis bending is something that could require some attention, but a really great model!

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