[O-F04] Soldiers of Domination

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Planet: F04
Tags: Military, Civil, Building, Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Spaceship

(The Briefing Room before departure of Freegate)

30178314000_9870333797_c.jpgWeek65_001 by boxerlego, on Flickr

Captain Logan: This is your briefing session for your next Mission. You are Now Top Engineer for Operation T. As Top Engineer it is your objective to Ultimately Capture and Locate a M.A.N.T.I.S. Missile Control SAM Base along with all the Hidden Underground Missile Launch Facilities. We have a Location On Planet Illustria for you to check out if and see if you spot anything out of the ordinary. Our Experts don't know exactly where this Missile Control SAM Base is along with the Underground Missile Launch Facility. The Experts have Picked a point to enter the planet from to keep a safe distance and once your in the planets atmosphere we advise you to drop and Fly Low to the ground and use the mountainous terrain to your advantage from being locked on by the Missiles and picked up by the Radar.

Boxerlego: Interesting, But isn't that a bit to much to ask for from One Engineer Wouldn't you say? So your just sending One Engineer and expect to take over this Hidden Missile Base.

Captain Logan: No, We are sending Our Top Engineer to take over the Missile Control SAM Base from there you will be able to gather and know all the exact coordinates of the Hidden Underground Missile Launch sites. This Job is perfect for you after all you an expert at this Boxerlego and besides the Higher ups wouldn't have selected you if they didn't think you have what it takes to do this after all you will also have Ronin the Kawashita Ninja Robot and The Top Secret Black project itself the Spaceship so you certainly have the tools to do what it takes that is expected from you.

Boxerlego: What makes this base vernalable to capture just by one Engineer?

Captain Logan: Glad you ask and the Simple Answer is Robots. See most this base relies upon the function on robots from the use of several kinds of turrets and to the Vehicles that accompanied it all Controlled by a Central Control unit at the Sam Base. If the Spaceship is able to control the Central Control the Spaceship will be able to gain Control over the Facility. I know it sounds simple in explanation but when it comes to the Engineering that is your part to figure out. Now that has been said I will be giving you a few items that will help you in your endeavors, You should know what the items are and that basically concludes this Briefing. Good Luck.

(Fast Forward to the Present)

29846065334_95913eca8c_c.jpgWeek65_002 by boxerlego, on Flickr

Boxerlego: This is Boxerlego here I have laid Eyes on the target base and Wow it looks heavily defended. Is that a Cannon?

30178312220_a561224096_c.jpgWeek65_003 by boxerlego, on Flickr

Boxerlego: I Might as well search around the area and see if I can find anything of interest here. 

(Around Half hour of searching Boxerlego Found an Antenna and manage to connect the spaceship to the antenna)

29846063994_d8225aee70_c.jpgWeek65_004 by boxerlego, on Flickr

Boxerlego: Wow, This is amazing Spaceship so you can take Control over the base from this point here. 

Spaceship: Not Exactly. I can only gain control over certain systems such as the Gate and a Buggy. But I still don't have access to the main Missiles system so allocation of all the missiles will still need to be completed. That can only be done If I get access from the Main Controls in the Base. I will make a CD key. When this is put in the computer in the control room it will give me more access to the bases Controls. 

Boxerlego: Spaceship, I want you to drive this buggy over here and drive it back to the base and make sure to open the gate for me.

Spaceship: Well there is one problem with your plan. You are a human and that base has orders to kill all humans right now and the only way to change that is to send Ronin in with the CD Key and put it in. Ronin is more capable of getting past the Base sensitive defenses systems It will be like he was never there.

Boxerlego: Ok, then send this buggy over here and I will unload Ronin out

Spaceship: Buggy is on the way and the CD Key is Finished.

30477598495_a1b1e218d4_c.jpgWeek65_005 by boxerlego, on Flickr

Boxerlego: Ronin its your objective to put this CD in the Bases Computer. Also Where did you get the hat it looks good.

Ronin: (In Silent Mode Ronin receives the CD from Boxerlego and gets on the buggy and then heads toward the SAM Missile Control Base to complete the objective)

30391165411_1269924341_c.jpgWeek65_006 by boxerlego, on Flickr

30477596375_490e51dbe5_c.jpgWeek65_007 by boxerlego, on Flickr

Boxerlego: Boxerlego Sending message back to Command. I have gained complete Control over M.A.N.T.I.S. Missile Control SAM Base along with all the Hidden Underground Missile Launch Facilities has been Completed and the Coordinates of all the Hidden Missiles Launch Facility Sites are now known, waiting for further orders. 




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11 hours ago, Big Sal said:

Nice job MANTISifying that spyrius base! :thumbup:

Thanks Big Sal. the spyrius base was the theme for that week, the idea to MANTISify the base :laugh: really happen on a whim. My original plan was to create a Octan Landing pad but the landing pad just felt so empty that I decided to build it as MANTIS Base and then the Idea for a Mountain Missile Silo came to mind and I was like this is prefect.

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