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[O - H04] - Collaborative Efforts

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Location: H04 Crofter's Ridge
Tags: Land Vehicle, Spaceship



It was a very nice afternoon when I was informed that the Turing was on final approach to the landing pad. I have to admit to having been distracted though for a while, I knew it was this afternoon that it was scheduled to arrive and this was something that had required a fair amount of work. Despite my senior role within the company, knowingly inviting a Mantis science vessel onto a planet that Octan laid claim to wasn't treated lightly.

Dr. Tyler Hawkins was a young Mantis scientist who had been become quite prominent lately. His work on merging robotic AI with xenobiology was at the forefront of the field. I'd been reading and re-reading all of his published papers trying to see what would be applicable to our own work at Octan. It had taken considerable effort to convince him to come spend some time at our facilities and bring his science vessel to another corporation's turf. Luckily as men of science we both saw the value in such collaborative efforts.

The Turing is a wonderful ship and massive. It easily dwarfed the high speed rail and the spaceport buildings, though admittedly this is the Crofter's Ridge spaceport and not the massive complex on Farmolis. I didn't dare ask to board yet as we were still in the early stages of getting to know and trust each other, but I really hope in the future to be able to see the entire capabilities of such an advanced craft. Watching such an enormous vessel hang in the air ponderously as it settled to the pad, even as a scientist, was truly awe inspiring.



As Dr. Hawkins left the ship and we stood in the massive shadow, we were like tiny insects next to one of the ship's landing feet. Dr. Hawkins was every bit the pleasant fellow he comes across in his weekly show "A Better Tomorrow". He was very jovial and not stiff or formal as some academics can be. We greeted each other warmly and I introduced him to ED-208 (whom I had specifically forbid to bring weaponry so as not to intimidate our honored guest). And I also showed him Gidget who he recognized the model and said "Oh you reprogrammed one of those spy dogs as a pet, cool!" Which, I guess implied that you could equip this model of robot dog with additional gear to enable it to be used in the field, but my dog is strictly a companion. ED-208 then said he needed to "take this thing for a walk", which is odd as being non-biological it didn't need to relieve itself. Normally I would have inquired further but I was far too excited to take Dr. Hawkins on a tour. I don't know if Dr. Long will be available to meet him or not, but I really hope so. To bring 2 such incredible minds together would be very special!


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