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After the Inn opened, a logistic problem started as the wives of the sailors and smugglers started complaining about their husbands drinking too much. Other WAG's had way too much time as their husband was abroad for a nice game of soccer  "shoot the enemy". A very popular game in the neighbouring Isla de Victoria.

And as the WAG's started learning how to make their hands dirty while making new clothes for their beloved husbands, Lord Maximilian Damaximus had the brilliant idea to put some of those WAG's together in order to mass produce capes and hats...



The Shop:


Not sure what this chicken is doing here...


The first floor is where the magic happens.





One minor problem, the MCTC controlled the whole textile thingy in the New World...

So, a joint-venture with MCTC started in Trador for exploiting the WAG's Textile Factory, the first ever and surely (hopefully) not the last!!!

Here you see Lord Tomvaximus and a Weelond representative who just signed a contract @Capt Wolf



Oh, and to those who wonder how the daughter of the Three Flower Inn - barkeeper looks like, here she is:



Thanks for watching!

I have to admit, the pictures are kinda blurry. But I fear I will not be able to take decent pictures within the next 8 days...

Anyway, hope you enjoyed!

Oh, a last note, there is no landscaping as that will be sth I will do in the future, when I start developping the streets of Trador. I have a plan in my mind, but as long as I don't have enough buildings, I can't start with it....

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I'm cheering for the inclusion of the chicken, but I think she needs to go back outside with the monkey. Nice textile mill and background story to the mill. I like the spinning wheels upstairs. I look forward to seeing the whole village come together with time. 

Thanks for the innkeepers daughter. I'm just glad she wasn't in the other build and I just couldn't find her. :pirate_sad2:

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Very nice factory! I love the row of spinning wheels! The tan log bricks look great here, and I like the upper-level overhang.

And Gov. Guilder is happy to see his representative is doing his job with the contract. :pir-grin:

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You make good builds and play with different versions of techniques. I appreciate that. However, as with Stedor, I would love to see some contrasting colors to balance it out. A dark roof perhaps, or a horizontal line between the floors. I'm not sure, but I feel that it needs just a little darkness against all the bright bricks. The parts above the ground floor windows are nice. Perhaps dark brown instead of tan there would make all the difference. Or another color on the slopes above the second story windows. You are very productive, and impressive builds on a grand scale. My comments are only meant to make each building stand out a little more. :)


I think I forgot to comment on your awesome historically correct fore and aft caste on the Prince of Stedor, so consider this a late congratulations and approval for that. 1 DB transferred for missed approval points.


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