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[MOC/MOD] Pallas Palace from Parisian Restaurant

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Parisian Restaurant is one of my favourite modular building, but unfortunately, it doesn't fit to my LEGO city. I have larger buildings and PR is just too small comparing to them. So, I've decided to build a modification.

I've seem plenty of nice mods online. People usually just made the building longer or higher. Although hey had a nice result, they've changed the ratios of the original building's body. I wanted to keep this because the original set is so nice.

Pallas Palace

The result is: I've built a corner building from three Parisian Restaurant.

Pallas Palace
  • I've left the stairs from the right and the terrace from the back.
  • I've kept the original form of the body of the building
  • I've attached them with own-designed parts, including the corner part.
Pallas Palace

And as a minor update, I've changed the windows of the roof at the front. It still has the grids with a sticker from 70413, but also has glass in it.

Pallas Palace - new windows with glass

It was a little challenging to design whole new building parts which match great to this amazing LEGO set. I've tried to use similar decorations and details.

Pallas Palace - new decorations

Now, the ground floor of this building gives place for the Chez Albert restaurant and also for a book store. Referring the book store (literature) and the statues of the corner, the name of the building is Pallas Palace.

Pallas Palace

I hope you'll like my creation. Please tell your opinion and leave a comment below. Thank you!

(Note: I didn't build the street yet, so the area of the house is a little incomplete.)


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I unfortunately can't say I like the end result here, it looks like five separate buildings to me. I feel this is because the white sections do not carry over any of the architectural details of the base building at all, they're a different colour, different height and use different facade elements. The windows also trick the eye into believing the levels of the sections do not line up.

I think this could be improved by lining the white sections with the same style of grey stonework on the original Parisian Restaurant, and including some olive green elements to the design to tie it in with the PR sections, and lowering the visual weight of the upper floor to more closely mimic the PR.

I think the white corner is lovely as an individual building, but I don't see it melding well with the PR.


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I'm afraid I have to agree with @pinioncorp here. This doesn't look like it's supposed to be one building, at least if you look at it from the front. It's like three almost identical buildings are seperated by two totally different buildings which is rather unusual as a design. I can't remember ever having seen something comparable in real-life architecture from that era.

Also, the mid-level section of your own design has a level with higher rooms on top of it. It usually looks better the other way around.

If you do make any changes to your build I'd love to see you posting an update.

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