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[O-H04] Stranger Things

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Tags: Civil Structure, Science (finally, amiright?)

Planet: deep within the bowels of Crofter's Ridge



30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "Emily, I've been thinking."

30283869821_4f06d5bb69_t.jpg "Late at night, I know."

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "I just wanted to let you know that I think I've thought it over, and concluded that I did what had to be done, and that the results, while not ideal, yielded more good than bad, in the long run."

 30283869821_4f06d5bb69_t.jpg "Glad to hear it."

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "What I mean to say is... I've washed my hands of this senseless self-pity. I do what I do, not for my own sake, but for the greater good of our company. I blaze a trail through the mud so that others may walk on pavement. I do what needs to be done. I did my duty."

30283869821_4f06d5bb69_t.jpg "Couldn't have said it better myself. So, what are we doing in this cavernous mega-lab hidden miles beneath the ground?"

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "We're lighting a torch in the darkness."


30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "This lab structure is the kindergarten of Suburban Station... and this, is project 'Suburban Soccer Mom.' I initiated this program to investigate 'psychic' phenomena. Long the subject of speculation and fiction, I've come to discover that psychic powers can be very real... however we do not yet fully understand them. Most notably, it is suspected that our very own CEO may have reality warping powers of this nature. I've been tasked with investigating this and coming up with a way to test for this, and harness it. I personally believe that reality warping powers may be the secret to unlocking true permanent gravity anomaly generation... and  once we can prove this to be true, and investigate the mode of action.... we can mechanize it. 

30283869821_4f06d5bb69_t.jpg "Cool."

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "Yes. Very cool. It is my personal ambition to ensure that Octan remains at the for-front of gate travel technology.. and the way I see it... The corporation best capable of manipulating the fabrics of time and space, will be the corporation that dominates them all. I see before us, Emily, a future of peace.... Because when Octan develops the power to generate and manipulate Gates at will, to travel to any corner of the universe in an instant.... There will be no war."

 30283869821_4f06d5bb69_t.jpg "That sounds like a beautiful dream."


30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "Dr. Bernier. I've heard great things..."

30073097800_1efcd12a18_t.jpg  "Ms. Long..."

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "My mother's name was Ms. Long. Please, call me Dr. Long."

30073097800_1efcd12a18_t.jpg "Oh, of course."

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg  "Lets get started, shall we? I've read your reports on your child, Subject Eleven. You've done wonderful work with her. You've made me a believer that such things are even possible... And that's saying a lot. I am a stickler on proper procedure and scientific methodology. As such my visit here today will not be more than a demonstration. I want to observe what this child can do firsthand, and assess the needs of this project. have you prepared the equipment?"

30073097800_1efcd12a18_t.jpg "yes. It's all ready..."

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg  "Then let us begin."


30283869821_4f06d5bb69_t.jpg "So.... How's life?"

Background Officer: "Well I still ain't got my hand back. Other than that, can't complain." 



30073097800_1efcd12a18_t.jpg "Eleven, darling... I'm here."

29739669744_fce3a61445_t.jpg "Mama!"

30073097800_1efcd12a18_t.jpg  "I want to introduce you to someone...."


30073097800_1efcd12a18_t.jpg "This is Dr. Danielle Long. She's your mommy's boss."

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "Hello, child."

29739669744_fce3a61445_t.jpg "I've seen you in my dreams!"

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "Fascinating. So, today we'll be performing a series of tests... to look into... your 'special gifts.'"


30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "Do you know what this is?"

29739669744_fce3a61445_t.jpg "No."

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "Can you activate it?"

29739669744_fce3a61445_t.jpg "Yes."



30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "By the stars. It is true. Now deactivate it please."

29739669744_fce3a61445_t.jpg "Ok."

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "Bring in the projector."


30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "Ok, Eleven. This next task will consist of several parts. I will think of a word in my head, and associate the word with an image or two. I want you to tell us what word I'm thinking of, and use this machine before me to project the images from my head. Can you do this?"

29739669744_fce3a61445_t.jpg "I think."

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "First word."

30252340922_6569078e73_n.jpg   29737639833_e852c1d30b_n.jpg   

29739669744_fce3a61445_t.jpg "Beauty"

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "Correct. Second word."


29739669744_fce3a61445_t.jpg "Mystery"

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "perfect. Now we will conduct the final test. Guard, bring in... The device..."

30073097800_1efcd12a18_t.jpg "No... you said you wouldn't..."




30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "I want you to concentrate, eleven. Channel your power into this device... I want you to create a fissure in time and space."




29739669744_fce3a61445_t.jpg "Ok."




29739669744_fce3a61445_t.jpg "I can't."

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "That's because the machine does not work. This was only a test... but despite that, you got very far. Admirable attempt. Thank you for showing me this. I'm very pleased with your progress, Eleven."





30073097800_1efcd12a18_t.jpg  "Please you've got to kill her. You promised you'd help."

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "And we will help, but we will not be killing her. She is very useful to us."

30073097800_1efcd12a18_t.jpg "You said you'd help. We had a family... She had a father... but she removed him from existence in a temper tantrum! No one remembers him but me! ..."

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "In your contract it explicitly states that if she dies, you are out of a job. And need I remind you who is paying to operate on your numerous brain tumours?" 


30073097800_1efcd12a18_t.jpg  "But it's abominable. It's strange."

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg  "I've seen stranger things."

30073097800_1efcd12a18_t.jpg "It's unnatural. It's not right."

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "We will be the judge of what is right and what is wrong."

30073097800_1efcd12a18_t.jpg "I can't keep living like this. I I can't. I cant."

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg "Oh, I assure you, Octan can keep you alive for a very long time."


30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg  "It's time for Dr. Brennier to get some rest. Guards, make sure she takes her pills and eats her dinner. I won't have another food-strike interrupting her work." 

30073097800_1efcd12a18_t.jpg "You have no idea what you're tampering with!"

30072986460_9da2b5b167_t.jpg  "Excellent. Everything is going according to plan. Now, I hear that Pombe's aid, Eschey has been acting strangely. I think it's time for her to have another psych evaluation. Inform her she has an appointment... with the Doctor."  


Cue the music!


~Insectoid Aristocrat






Edited by Dannylonglegs

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The artifact! I'm glad to see that again! Long is another level of ruthless in this one! Excellent build. I enjoyed the story a lot.

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Loved the build and the story! Please keep up the good work Danny:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

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Awesome story and build, certainly some cutting edged science scenes right there. Next experiment Dr Long is going to graft a Awesomnium Alloy frame inside one of her special subjects that has rapid healing abilities, just a thought.

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It's a frightening thought that there may be more like Pombe out there...

Great build, and I really like the furniture in the cell.

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Really nice story and character portrayal! (the buld is cool too)

I like the last picture of her walking but it bothers me that the arms and legs mismatch (or rather match wich they shouldn't) Other than that this is very well done. Good job.

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This is great!  I've been slowly trying to catch up on people's AG stories.  I really like the dialogue and character interactions in this one, especially the last conversation between Dr. Long and the mother.  I also like the Octan colored pillow and blanket in Eleven's room.  Can't wait to see where you take this story next!  

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