(MOD) Revised 21307 Caterham Seven 620R

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I was excited when Carl Greatrix' Caterham Seven was selected by Lego Ideas to become a set, and have been patiently awaiting its release. While there are many aspects of the model that are really great — all printed parts with no stickers, amazing detail in the engine bay, clever building techniques, and a great colour scheme — I have to say I felt a bit underwhelmed with the completed build.

The designers seem to have sacrificed overall proportions in some areas for structural rigidity and sturdiness, and yet despite this many parts remain quite flimsy. However, with a bit of effort and some spare parts it isn't too hard to correct the flimsy bits and improve the proportions with no significant loss of sturdiness. This thread is to assist anyone who may also be less than entirely satisfied with the official build, and would like a few tips on how to improve their model.


Here is a list of improvements featured in the above revised model:

  • Reduced colour barf throughout the model's interior
  • Front axle and fenders widened by one stud
  • Nose section locked in place more securely
  • Removed ugly underside front rail to nose transition
  • Lowered overall height of the bonnet by one plate
  • Dashboard redesigned and connected more securely
  • Secured forward connection of the side exhaust
  • Filled in gap between the bonnet and dashboard
  • Replaced seats with design matching prototype version
  • Reduced gaps between the rear wheel arches and wheels

The end result is, I think, a better looking and sturdier model that I am much more satisfied with, and one which I am very pleased to display on my shelf. Below is a link to the LDraw instruction file for anyone interested in modifying their set to this version.


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Bravo! You really made it better. 

On 10/16/2016 at 4:26 AM, BrickMonkeyMOCs said:

The most important aesthetic fix was improving the transition between the underside front rails and the nose section.

I agree about that, totally. That "jump" in official set is an eyesore.

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Awesome! I literally was just about to ask about that since I recently bought it. Weird coincidence lol

Great mod, fixes all the problems I had with the original


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