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Brick Charlie

MOC - Harry Potter part 7: Courtyard battle

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my name is Charlie. I'm the member of KLIKK Hungarian LEGO Fan Community. In summer, I had the chance to move to a new house, where I have a lot of space to build own LEGO creations. So, although I'm an AFOL years ago, this is the first time I have a large MOC. Please let me introduce my new Harry Potter creation.

Courtyard battle

My LEGO creation includes more than 35000 LEGO pieces and it took approximately 600 hours to make it ready. It's 115 x 153 cm large (3x4 large LBG baseplates).

If you didn't recognize yet, this is the epic battle from the last episode of the franchise. Voldemort's army is attacking the Hogwarts and a battle is beginning between the death eaters, freaky creatures, students, teachers and the members of The Order of Phoenix.

I've built the two towers with the cloister and the entrance of the Great Hall. In the courtyard, you can discover many of the characters. For the best result, I've built all of the great moments of the battle. To ensure a great view, the cloister isn't built at the front. The right corner on the front isn't complete, because originally, there should be a giant tower, so I've left the space of it.

Movie scene #1: 


Movie scene #2: 


I know there are some difference between the MOC and the movie's courtyard. Some of them are intentional.

What's missing?

- small columns of the arcades (I haven't find the best way to build them yet.)
- proper torso for Hermione Granger (I've just find one from a TMNT set)

What's wrong?

- Layout should be deeper, but I had to consider that this is regularly an exhibition part, so small children should see the whole building.
- Paving is different, because if I built this entirely from 1x2 tiles, it would be too bright.

The MOC and me

You can see some details, minifigures and action in this blog post:

One of my dreams is to build the Great Hall behind its entrance, half destroyed. It would be really a great hit.

I hope you'll like my creation. Please tell your opinion and leave a comment below. Thank you!


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Thank you.

I've made a video and now it's uploaded to my LUG's YouTube channel. Although I speak Hungarian in the video, it's worth to see it if you're interested in the details of my creation (video shows MOC from different angles and MOC details including minifigure actions).


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Really incredible and instantly recognizable. You don't really get the sense of the immense size until you hit the picture with you behind it. Beautiful and I think you made really good calls on all the choices for differences and the layout.

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This is terrific! Fantastic work! And what a scale! Highly impressive! Love the use of colours and overall architecture, accurate and yet very well translated into lego style! 

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