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Please consider that this post is 100% IC, thank you.



What is this guy telling the crowd near that warehouse in Nova Terreli? What does it say on his scroll? Why
did he bring Fontonajo guards? And why is Montoya listening so carefully?


Find out either here:


Constitution of the Eslandolan Republic of Nellisa

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and the Laws of Humanity entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
From this day onward the Eslandolan Republic of Nellisa will no longer listen to nor accept any king or other royal entity. Instead Nellisa will be an independent republic as part of the Eslandolan Colonies in Terra Nova, referred to as Colonial Eslandola.

Nellisa is governed by the council of the republic, consisting of:
* the Governor of Nellisa
* the mayor of Nova Terreli
* the mayor of Pontelli
* the leader of the MCTC
* the leader of the ETWC
Both the viceroy and the leader of MAESTRO have a honorary seat. This may change when adequate conditions are reached.
Seat of the government is Montario, located between Nova Terreli and Pontelli.

The Nellisan treasury gains income from:
* full licensing fees on the island
* 50% of Town Banks (calculated after public maintenance)
* yields of republican properties (e.g. forts)
* yields of the republican navy
* return from other investments
One fifth of the monthly income will be issued towards the Colonial Eslandola.
The other four fifths go towards the colonial republic's treasury.

The following offices will be available:
* Governor (head of the government)
* Treasurer (manages finances)
* General (manages forts and troops)
* Admiral (manages the navy)
* Home Secretary (manages properties and smaller settlements)
Further offices may be added in the future.
The governor must not be mayor of Pontelli or Nova Terreli at the same time. Offices are assigned by the governor.

All officials are paid 10 DBs per month, regardless of the amount of offices they hold. There is no additional payment for members of the council.

20% of the monthly income goes to Colonial Eslandola.
The rest of the money will be invested into:
* the island's defense (forts, troops, navy)
* the island's infrastructure (licenses outside of settlements)
* the settlements
* Eslandola's general progress in Terra Nova
The officials compose their plannings and propose them to the republic council. After hearing the treasurer's advice on the monetary situation the council accepts or rejects the planning by vote, which will then be executed by the treasurer (providing the money) and the officials (executing their plans).
Officials are advised to consult both the treasurer and the governor before requesting a vote.
Minor settlements are represented by the Home Secretary, who will consolidate and present their needs to the council. All military matters regarding settlements will have to be adressed with the General.

Settlement Autonomy
Large Towns will maintain full autonomy of their remaining town banks. The mayors are responsible for the growth of the settlements.
The construction of forts in the settlements lies in the responsibility of the Nellisan republic (represented by the General in that regard). The republic will cover licensing costs and organise a master-builder (i.e. MOC).
Settlements may always issue a request for monetary support towards the council of the republic. This provides accelerated opportuinities for focussed growth in specific settlements.

The council decides by vote by simple majority (50%).
In case of a tie the governor's vote decides.
The governor has a veto-right. A second vote may be called to deny the veto. This second vote would need at least 4 positive votes.
Any canges to the constitution always need at least 3 positive votes. 

Other issues
All other issues or complaints are to be addressed directly to the governor, who as a representative of all inhabitants of the island will then take proper care.

Licensing Fees
The Nellisan licensing fees equal those of any other Eslandolan city.
There are no squatter settlements on the island. Full licensing fees will always have to be paid.
Building outside of established settlements needs the explicit consent of the governor.
Grand Estates (formerly called "Royal Properties") need the consent of the governor. Refunds of the licensing fees for Grand Estates may be negotiated.
A Viceroy's Palace needs the explicit consent of the whole council. Licensing fees will be negotiated on an individual basis and may be set to zero as a reward for good services.
Changing licensing fees is not considered a change to the constituion but can be done via a normal majority vote.


or here:




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Very nice MOC, I love that roof and it goes wonderfully with the yellow wall!
On another note, I wonder if this will prove to be a well thoughtout majority decision, or just the work of a few rabble-rousers... time will have to tell!

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Nice scene. I really like the yellow wall with red roof, dark green window frames, and olive green vines. Lots of color elsewhere as well. A really well done crowd scene. But shouldn't the vines be connected, either to the ground or each other?

As for the proclamation, it feels like Nelissa is getting ahead of things. Fontonajo better hope that things go well for him in Terelli, or the temperature in Nova Terelli could get very hot! :pir-tongue:


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On the MOC, I think the roof, the scroll, and the crowd are the best aspects.  My only criticism would be the wall gets bland as it goes up so high. Adding more windows or texture of sobe kind would help. On the whole though this was a great MOC. 

The scroll and the declaration are both great. I like the usage of wording from the other great historical documents pre-Lego world. 

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Nice vignette and scroll looks great. Your scroll may be larger than EB site guidelines for picture sizes.  :wink:

I think the guards will ensure a majority in agreement with the declaration. :pir-grin:


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Nice work on the atmosphere! People look seem to be attracted by the idea! So are we, The Sea Rats!!!

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Love the colour choices, the roof looks great, as Silent Wolf said the wall may be a touch high but it does work. 

To the story, you know I'm in favour of this brave, new Nelissa. In a week where Bob Dylan gets noble prize for literature, in the Brick Seas the times really are a changing ;)

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On ‎10‎/‎15‎/‎2016 at 10:14 PM, dr_spock said:

Your scroll may be larger than EB site guidelines for picture sizes

Yeah, I think this is fine. :pir-laugh: 


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As Montoya has mentioned before, this is a bold and unexpected move!

Very nice job on the constitution - seems like it could actually work for a new faction in BoBS.

The build is nice too. Lovely crowd and great building. (Especially that roof)

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