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Custom Hero, Max Radon

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My character for hero factory. I made one for each series, partly because through sheer luck, I selected blue as his main color and that always got used in the series itself, so I got lots of good parts. He started with a 2.0 style hero recon set. His power is energy absorption/redirection, hence the glowing armor.




Lightly modified 1.0 frame with a cool gun. I'm really happy with it, despite the simplicity




My Hero recon set, with minor alterations to compensate for the hero recon builder's limitations.



I saw stringers helmet and thought "predator!" right off the bat. So Radon 3.0 ended up being a predator homage with a spear, wrist blades, and shoulder cannon with independent tracking.


Breakout Radon


This guy has a space marine vibe, with 2 awesome weapons, and lots of armor. I didn't like the breakout/superhero torso much, so I stuck with the 2.0 chest. He has the newer hero core on his back as a backup


Radon XL


Brain Attack was where I started running out of steam, this guy is obviously a furno mod, but I liked that years furno alot. The cape is connected way better, sword is awesome, much cleaner, and condensed compared to furno


A fun group shot. And I didn't forget Invasion from below:


No mech, cause bionicle g2 became a thing (and now its gone:pir-cry_sad:)


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Y'know, sometimes I like seeing these more simple MoCs. Like, you didn't go all out and make some crazy design or intense greebling. You simply made something cool with the existing frame, and I love it. I really like his design (glowing armor is always cool). And I especially love the shoulder pads on the breakout version. Very nice!


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That looks like it was a whole lot of fun to build over the years. Sometimes I think I wish I had gotten into Hero Factory, I never bought any of the sets.

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Thanks! I try to keep mocs for a theme looking like they belong in that theme, and with this guy it was really fun to try out different styles.

The sets in hero factory were really good up until they cut the budget. The story was really bland though...


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