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[M - C04] The Awakening

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Location: C04 Aeristus

Tags: Civil building, spaceship


29586355713_27b3a4b3c9_o.jpgUrgh… wha…?

29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpgSal? You’re awake?

29586355713_27b3a4b3c9_o.jpgWha…? Long? Where… what…?



29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpgWhat happened? You caught Marphacian Swamp Fever and nearly died. We’re in a Kawashita hospital on Aeristus – they were the only ones with the expertise to save you.

29586355713_27b3a4b3c9_o.jpgUgh… I feel terrible. Last thing I remember was taking my experimental GATE-cloak ship for a test flight.

29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpgYes, you passed out during the flight. We tried to treat you, but the fever was too advanced. You’ve racked up a considerable medical bill over the time you’ve been here.

29586355713_27b3a4b3c9_o.jpgHow long has it been? A week or so?

29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpgAlmost exactly four months.




29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpgYour executive health insurance covers you for the first three days, of course, but…

30181106846_2761149104_o.jpgFOUR MONTHS?! That’s not possible! Wait… I’ve been here for four months? And I’ve been here the whole time? I haven’t been seen anywhere else?

29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpgWhat? Of course not, how could you-

30181106846_2761149104_o.jpgFour months would make it Oktobrinali… they must have already started… but if I haven’t been seen, then… they must have found him… but then… Long, quickly, who knows I’m here?

29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpgWhat are you talking about?

30181106846_2761149104_o.jpgWHO KNOWS I’M HERE???

29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpgJust me and the Council. Maxximus believed it would be embarrassing if it became known that we had to rely on Kawashita to save you.

29586355713_27b3a4b3c9_o.jpgWell, that’s something. I suppose if they knew where I was I’d already be dead.

29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpgIf who knew? …SPIDER?

29586355713_27b3a4b3c9_o.jpgYe-, I mean… who?


29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpgDamn it Sal, don’t play dumb with me. I know you know about SPIDER. Tell me what it is.

29586355713_27b3a4b3c9_o.jpgWhat do you know?

29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpgNothing. All I can come across is cryptic references to webs all over the place. Ever since SpacerSteve and Hawk went missing, the Council doesn’t trust anyone – they won’t tell me anything.

29586355713_27b3a4b3c9_o.jpgIf they’re missing then they’ve put the plans into motion… and if they found him then they have everything they need… Long, you’re sure I haven’t been seen anywhere since I fell ill?

29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpgNo. How could you possibly... wait... 



29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpgYou can’t have… it's impossible, not to mention completely unethical... but it would explain the doubled productivity…


29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpg Sal… did you… did you clone yourself??



30181106846_2761149104_o.jpg What?! How did you know that?!

29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpg Of course! Ever since your productivity suddenly doubled I’ve been wondering how you did it. It all makes sense now. But… how? And why?

29586355713_27b3a4b3c9_o.jpgProject Lambda.

29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpgThe employee weaponisation project?

29586355713_27b3a4b3c9_o.jpgNo, that was just the part of it the Council knew about. The real aim of Project Lambda was to create an army of enhanced, obedient clones for SPIDER.

29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpg What?!

29586355713_27b3a4b3c9_o.jpgThat’s what all my research has really been about. Awesomnium extract for growth acceleration, the persuadomatic for brainwashing, the employee weaponisation, the advanced weaponry. But when I finally almost perfected the process and created the first clone, I realised that I’d become expendable. After all, if SPIDER had an almost perfect and completely obedient clone of me, why would they need actual me? So I kept my success secret from them, and have been stalling them ever since. But when I got ill, my clone should have covered for me. If he didn’t, it means SPIDER must have found him. And if they found him, they’re finally ready.

29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpgThis is insane… we need to tell SpacerSteve about this when he gets here.



30181106846_2761149104_o.jpgWHAT?! I thought you said he was missing?!

29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpg No, he reappeared a while back. I sent him a message as soon as you woke up and-



30181106846_2761149104_o.jpgWe need to leave. Now!

29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpg What?

30181106846_2761149104_o.jpgCome on! Do you have a ship here?

29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpg No, but your stealth ship was brought here with you. But Sal-



30181106846_2761149104_o.jpgEven better! Let's go!


30181106846_2761149104_o.jpgCome on, there’s no time!





29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpgMaybe you should put some clothes on first.




29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpgThis ship is hideous.

30181106846_2761149104_o.jpgHey, I never got to finish it! And it may not be much to look at, but with the GATE-cloak it's completely undetectable... in theory...

29688521371_9d392c31af_o.jpgSal... What did you mean when you said your clone is almost perfect?

29586355713_27b3a4b3c9_o.jpgAh, yeah. The awesomnium serum worked perfectly for temporary growth acceleration, except for the hair. For some reason, his hair growth seems to be permanently accelerated...



22622473220_0e4edeb126_o.jpgDamn it.


Thanks for reading! C&C welcome!

Finally, all is revealed! :devil:  As you may be able to tell, I've been working on this story for a loooong time (although SPIDER was not my idea, and was worked into it later). A pic of the whole build and the ship in the spoiler. 


Of course, it just happens that in the week of my big reveal set in a hospital room, Luc would also build a hospital room that puts mine to shame. I'm beginning to regret recruiting him :tongue:



It may not be entirely clear from the dialogue that the ship has cloaking technology derived from the GATE experiments Sal was performing on Marphacia, which is how he caught the swamp fever. The ship incorporates the stabilisers from this build.



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In case anybody's wondering, MANTIS isn't having a 'build a hospital room with a bed, a chair, a plant in the corner, a micro logo on the wall and a background out of the window where your character wakes up from a dream' week... This is a genuine, yet somewhat astonishing coincidence.

Great story and so many lovely details in the design, especially the Friends handlebars in the furniture.

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Very nice hospital build. I think you forgot to add on the tags though.

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That is an awesome hospital room with some really nice part usage. Super jealous of the hospital screen pieces. :grin:

Question: is the stealth ship supposed to look like the Owl from Watchmen or just coincidence?

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Thanks for the comments everyone! :classic:

6 hours ago, Kodan Black said:

Question: is the stealth ship supposed to look like the Owl from Watchmen or just coincidence?

Coincidence! It was actually supposed to look like a fly or mosquito, but it ended up looking more like a bushbaby :sceptic: And you're right, it looks like the Owl from Watchmen too - I'd totally forgotten about that, but maybe it influenced me subconsciously :grin: 

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