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[ESL-FB] Nothing to worry on Nellisa, Oleanders!

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Admiral L'Atour looked around discomposedly. Together with his daughter Cariste he had sailed to Nova Terreli on the island
of Nellisa to meet some business partners. He was already at high seas when rumors reached them about the Eslandolan king
attacking Oleon. Arriving at the city he was most worried. His loyal guard Pierre was with them, at least, as they hasted through
the streets of the town (which had grown even more since his last visit), always in unrest.


Suddenly three men stood before them, two obviously guards and the third, a young man with wild hair but a tended face,
seemed to be their leader. L'Atour laid hand on his saber.

"Bonjour, monsieurs, mylady.", the young Eslandolan said with a friendly voice.
"Good day.", replied L'Atour.
"You seem worried? May I help you?"
"Worried? I am quite certain you have heard the rumors as well! Of your king attacking Oleander troops?",
L'Atour said,
slightly losening his saber.
"Oh no, this man is not my king anymore. And for you, there is nothing to worry. I don't think aynone on our island will share
any ill thoughts against Oleon. Au contraire, in Pontelli they've even had a demonstration pro-Oleon! If you still worry, though,
I invite you to be my guests, and under teh full protection of me and my family.",
the Eslandolan said.
"Thank you for your gracious offer, Don. And we do not even know your name."



"Oh, pardon my manners", the young Eslandolan said. "Joaquin Seramon Fontonajo, second son of Román Esteban Fontonajo,
governor of Nellisa."

And while his guards bowed to their knees to honour their Oleander guests, Joaquin Fontonajo stepped slightly forward, breezing
a slight kiss on the lady's hand.

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Not a colour I would have ever attempted a house in... but you know what? It looks really good! And of course your troops always look great - A nice little build!

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Aw my eyes, that colour! You almost seem Maxim! :wink:

No, I actually think you made something nice of it, tough the walls seem a bit bare, maybe add a vine or so?

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I gotta admit, I'm not wild about the pink, but the roof is cool. And that Joaquin is a smooth operator! :wink:

Good build for current events! :thumbup:

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