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It was a dull autumn day when Juan Alfonso Fontonajo, Román Esteban Fontonajo's heir and current commander in chief of the Castillo de Nova Terreli and the city's
armed forces, entered a battered tavern in the shady parts of Nova Terreli, with no guards at his side. A farmer went slightly behind Juan Fontonajo. Inside the dive a
lot was going on, but the loudest turmoil could be heard from a table in the background. Sailors, harbour-workers and other men stood there, arms drawn, centered
around a small pig on top of the table.

Fontonajo approached them, fearlessly: "My dear friends, what is going on in here?"

"We gonna kill dat pig!", shouted one of them.

"This honourable farmer here told me you stole his pig and threatened him? Tell me, is that true?", Fontonajo said, looking at the men?

"He named da pig Fernando Augusto! Like da mad king! Traitor he is! Be happy we ain't hanging him, Sir!"

"Ah, my friends, I see", Fontonajo laughed. "I guess we have some misunderstanding here. You don't think that he names a pig, of all the animals, to actually honour
the king?"

"Ehrm... Well..."

"See, I guess we have solved our problem now. In fact all this good man did was mock Fernando Augusto by naming a dirty pig after him."

"Yer right, Sir Fontonajo! Very right! But da pig Fernando gotta die!", the man with the meat cleaver exclaimed!



"Hold on. First let me show you how I deal with a pig that does not behave himself", Fontonajo said in
a calm voice. He took a quick step forward, grabbing the apple that the pig was currently eating. "First
I take away from the pig everything it desires!"
He took a step back, and held the apple up high. "Then
I take it away from the pig's limited sight. And after that all we can do is laugh at that pig!"

"Fontonajo!!!", one of the men jubilated.

"Deal with the pig!", another shouted.

"Fontonajo should be our king!", one exclaimed.

And then things escalated quickly.



One of the men suddenly held a crown in his hand, wherever he had gotten that one from, and put it onto Juan Fontonajo's head.

"King of the Colonies!", he exclaimed.

"King of the Colonies!", the rest of the tavern began to shout, raising their arms in jubilation.

"King of the Colonies! King of the Colonies! King of the Colonies! King of the Colonies! King of the Colonies!"

Juan Alfonso Fontonajo however, with a massive smile on his face, took off the crown and spoke to the men: "You don't need no
king! Yes, your king I could be, and what a great king I would indeed be!", he stated, confirmed by some jubilation from the crowd.
"But we have seen that a king is not good for us here on Nellisa. You should decide for yourself. Your rulers should be those who
actually care for you, not some random king in your distant homeland. There is no need for a crown. There is no need for a king
in Nellisa. We all together shall rule this new Eslandola! Please remember that when the time comes."

And with those words Fontonajo left the tavern. Back on the streets he still heard them, loud and clearly: "King of the Colonies!"

"King of the Colonies!"




Bonus shots of the whole MOC and of the guy who had a little too much to drink:



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Awesome, awesome, awesome MOC! Although the photos dont do its justice, both it and the story is very clever. I guess with the recent events and the speed needed to narrate and depict them, photos come and go lightning fast and become secondary issue.

Regarding the various techniques used, i love the wooden floor and semi brick - semi plastered wall (half timbered is the term?), the puke on the floor and all the bustling and buzzing atmosphere.

All i hope, is the pig doing alright after that incident as i love LEGO animals (so cute) and don't want to see them harmed in any way. So please tell us the pig Fernando is alive and kicking...

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Fun build! Good dialog and good tavern scene overall. I must try out that SNOT floor technique sometime. And as someone else noted, good job with the half-timbered wall! And while the lanterns themselves are simple, I like their placement in the build; it's a good detail that helps define the roof that isn't there.

The natives are restless! Perhaps the pig will survive, but will the king?

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Thanks for the great comments. The floor technique was definitely inspired by some of Kai's MOCs, just added my own little additions.

I have to agree that the photos aren't too great. I still struggle a bit with interiors, and today was a really dark day, which made photography even harder. And yeah, I totally wanted to get this one done today.

And of course the pig Fernando is still alive. They are currently discussing whether they should rename him so he can live in peace for the rest of his life.

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Great build Elostirion, it's great to see others use that floor technique and I really like what you've done with it!  The lower section of the wall also looks particularly good, and it seems like the King's actions have sparked quite a train of unintended consequences (from his point of view at least...!).

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