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[ESL - KMA] Capture the Flag... and burn it!

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The "Eagles of Terreli" are some of Eslandola's finest soldiers in the colonies. The group of mercenaries, despite their very individual
arms (some of them wear old-fashioned weapons like shields, axes or even a bow), show a high level of discipline. Their creativity,
motivation and especially their individuality, resulting in a large variety of unique skills, makes them perfectly suited for the small
conflicts on the islands. Thus they were sent to protect Eslandola's claims on Isla de Victoria.



Just a few hours ago they had attacked a company of Mardierians by surprise and captured their flag.
Which they were no about to burn. The Eagles of Terreli always had a huge level of amusement, resulting
in great comraderie.



The had also captured some goodies. In fact, they had taken two oxen, some bread, apples and bananas
and carrots. And a rowing boat. And some wheels and some yellow leather. Combining those materials
they quickly crafted a rowboat-carriage, towed by an ox. One of them rode the other ox. Obvious solution,
of course.



Right now they made halt at one of their outposts, a small watchtower. The eagles who were on watch
there were also responsible for hunting, so supply Fuerte Unido with meat. Which they did with some
great success.



Burning a Mardierian flag is always great fun. Always.



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You are so good at the irregular bases for your builds. And you get a lot of color into this build! Where do those lavender plant stems come from? And I need to get some of those lime leaves.

Another fantastic build from you! :thumbup:

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"Always." :pir-grin:

Wonderful build with great colours and a fine story! I like the irregular base and the watchtower.

However, I did not know that Mardier actually had troops on this island! There have been actuals acts of violence now! :pir-look:

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Great build Elositirion, I really like that watch tower and you've got a great collection of olive stalks! :pir-wink:

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That watchtower is absolutely awesome, as is the colourscheme. My favourite detail has to be the drying meat tough :wub: 

Edited by TitusV

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