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29499321573_1c06db35f2.jpgWinter Village Station_4 


Lego have released two trains and a lot of nice buildings for the winter village, but it still misses a nice place to stop. This is a station with a nice clock tower with two bells so that the citizens can keep track on the time during the Christmas shopping. Inside the station building there is a waiting room, full ticket booth and a small workshop in the tower for maintaining the clock and the bells. On the right side of the station you have a nice fountain and the train schedule.  As you can see in the pictures this would be a very nice supplement for the old holiday train (10173) and this years new winter village set (10254).

Basic Info

Approx Dimensions: Length 62 cm x Width 12.8 cm x Height 37,4 cm
Number of pieces (with minifigs, without track): 1200
Clock print: 17038

Input and support will be appreciated.

29499320663_16f482d40d.jpgWinter Village Station_with Train 

29832883440_ea689286e7.jpgWinter Village Station_Detail 

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15 minutes ago, gabrielerava said:

The link to Flickr does not work...

Strange, it works on fine for me, and my collegue. :pir-look: What happens when you try to click on the picture?? 

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On 5.10.2016 at 6:59 PM, AFOLguy1970 said:

I get a message stating that the photo is private.

Now should everething be solved :)

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