[O-G02] The Truth about this Robot

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Location:  G02 - Freegate
Tags:  Building, Civil, Military, Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Spaceship
Week 63

Inside the Research Laboratory Boxerlego Is making Laser research happen

29798571240_6e7a2a5448_c.jpg63_001 by boxerlego, on Flickr

Boxerlego: Awesomnium Alloy Test #115, Activating Laser.

30010019611_61507afa94_c.jpg63_002 by boxerlego, on Flickr

(Laser sounds)

30093420925_292a6abaec_c.jpg63_003 by boxerlego, on Flickr

Boxerlego: End of Awesomnium Alloy Test #115, Deactivating Laser.

29979162282_a57c4a5c15_c.jpg63_004 by boxerlego, on Flickr

Boxerlego: Looks like this batch of Awesomnium Alloy handle the Laser pretty well that it absorb the energy with 90% efficiency.

29979159402_5791b52594_c.jpg63_005 by boxerlego, on Flickr

Boxerlego: Now with that this wraps up this current batch of Awesomnium Alloy test. I better start shutting everything down and prepare for all the Awesomnium Alloy test for the Scientist.

29798551240_7ba31769bc_c.jpg63_006 by boxerlego, on Flickr

Incoming Message: Boxerlego you better get up to the number 5 Bay area your robot has stop working. Over.

29979154422_4c23af63c8_c.jpg63_007 by boxerlego, on Flickr 

Glad you got up here its been 25 minutes and Your Robot hasn't moved an inch and it some how produced a sword out of no where, I thought it was just broken.

29979151482_e2e0655d31_c.jpg63_008 by boxerlego, on Flickr

Just look at the Robot, it has done nothing but just stand there with a Trash Can lid on its head and some how produces a sword out of no where. I don't want any where near that Robot. 

29798542780_7a53be26a5_c.jpg63_009 by boxerlego, on Flickr

So you better take care of this before the robot starts swing that sword around and damages the Captains tank. Oh and speaking about the Captain, its been said hes been occupied with the latest Project and you know how the Captain gets when he is sidetracked.

29979147902_051b09bd3e_c.jpg63_010 by boxerlego, on Flickr

Boxerlego: Robot turn around and state your function and objective. 

Robot: I'm a Ninja Robot, My objective is to follow Boxerlego orders.

Boxerlego: So your one of those Ninja Robots and you respond to my voice commands, Now this is interesting. So next question What Is your name and who were you develop by.

Robot: My name is Ronin, I was developed by Kawashita.

Boxerlego: Ok Ronin, Put away the sword put the trash can lid back on the trash bucket and get back to sweeping up the bay area and wait for my next command.

29798533830_873f1de142_c.jpg63_011 by boxerlego, on Flickr 

Incoming message from Captain Logan: Boxerlego get up to the Hanger.

Boxerlego: I wonder what this is about. I better get up there fast.

30010005011_e1f63d4376_c.jpg63_012 by boxerlego, on Flickr

Captain Logan: Excellent now that your here I want to show to you your newest project. 

Boxerlego: My newest project looks great But I'm just an Engineer. What business do I have with a spaceship.

Captain Logan: Well I cant explain everything to you right now but you have big Engineering business that deals with this spaceship. For the time being just get in and get the feel of flying this Spaceship. Don't worry the Spaceship is capable of flying itself by the flip of a switch after all who else is going to fly when your asleep. For now just think about the Spaceship and what you want to achieve with it. I'll just leave it at that for now so not another word and get in already. 

29798530110_9ee3b9273b_c.jpg63_013 by boxerlego, on Flickr

29798528380_51ac316769_c.jpg63_014 by boxerlego, on Flickr

Boxerlego talking to self: Ok, Now that I'm in here, how do I start this up and launch this ship. Oh look here are the keys already in the controls and here is that switch the Captain is talking about.

Ship begins to respond and answers my questions. In order to start and launch spaceship, press the green button next to the keys this starts the engines and then you engage the Selector on the right in the D position to control the Launch of the spaceship yourself but for Spaceship control put the Selector in the C position and then the switch next to the throttle then look at the controls to see if the Spaceship is clear for take off and once cleared for take off just engage the Throttle and the spaceship will begin to take off.

Boxerlego: Oh this is great the space ship talks and all I got to do is just press this green button here and flip this switch and then I bring this here in the C position and when the ship is ready for take off I just engage in the throttle. 

Ship: That is correct.

Boxerlego: Well, here we go.

30010003081_780f6e19c4_c.jpg63_015 by boxerlego, on Flickr

(while flying around the spaceship reveals why boxer is the one flying the spaceship) 

Boxerlego: Wow, that is amazing to know so you chose me to fly this spaceship.

Spaceship: This is correct. I told the captain that I have chosen you to be pilot of me and not only Pilot but Engineer as well.

Boxerlego: That is very moving stuff spaceship I just got one question Why Me?

Spaceship: I've selected you not because you were the best pilot. I'm the best Pilot, but I selected you because you put the Ninja Robot named Ronin back together and is now under your command. This is one of the reasons why I have chosen you.

Boxerlego: So how do you know about Ronin?

Spaceship: It was my objective to capture Ronin, I'm the vehicle that brought Ronin over to Octan, In fact I was able to deconstruct Ronin's core memory so the Octan scientist could safely examine the robot but there was a Problem  even though we did all this for the safety of the Octan scientist Ronin was able to reconstruct its core Memory and regain control after one scientist deemed it safe to put Ronin back to gather again and 14 of the best and brightest Octan robotics scientist lost there lives in that facility including my Engineer and Project Developer. The only scientist who survived that was strongly against it in the end was only able to save himself. And after recapturing Ronin for a second time I deconstructed Ronin's core memory so the last remaining Octan scientist could safely dissemble the Ninja Robot once again. The last remaining Octan Scientist said that he told them not to put this Ninja Robot back to gather and they didn't listen to him. This Scientist is Captain Logan. Captian Logan knows all about Ronin technically and has in fact has completely reconstructed Ronin entirely but he couldn't complete the ninja robot after what happen and has allowed Ronin to sit on a shelf in a safe many years uncompleted. 

Boxerlego: Incredible, I dont know what to say, I'm speechless, But I will say this, Thanks for accepting me to be your Engineer. I will do my best.



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@Professor Thaum @rodiziorobs Thanks to both of you for your comments. I'm glad y'all like the builds. When it comes to the Laser setup, the inspiration behind using the laser was seeing all the cool builds making use of colored lights which gave an interesting overall feel for the scene and that is how this Laser Idea was born. I got another interesting light idea in the works and this one I think is the best one yet. 

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Wow, lots of builds here! I think I like the laser lab the best - it reminds me of the game Half Life. I like what you did with the lights - makes me want to revisit my first AG build and redo it with cool lighting effects!

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On 10/10/2016 at 4:25 PM, Big Sal said:

Wow, lots of builds here! I think I like the laser lab the best - it reminds me of the game Half Life. I like what you did with the lights - makes me want to revisit my first AG build and redo it with cool lighting effects!

Thanks Big Sal. There will be more cool lighting effects to come.


1 hour ago, Andromedas Gates said:

The judges awarded you 4 points.

Thanks Judges.

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