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[M-E01] The Trophy

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Location: E01 Donwarr

Tags: Spying, Military Building,


On board a Dust Demon Battle Cruiser in orbit around Donwarr



29451259594_078fbc3a51_c.jpg20161002_183332 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr



29452175933_66f1bbfa59_t.jpg - General We have secured the artifact.



29784830440_6038c21936_t.jpg - Excellent work! I would like to see it.






29784830440_6038c21936_t.jpg - My only regret is that I didn’t get to see the life leave your eyes. We’ll done commander. You certainly live up to your reputation. I hear you had to raid a quite a few Kawashita transports to find this.



29452175933_66f1bbfa59_t.jpg - 27 transports sir. No loose ends.



29784830440_6038c21936_t.jpg - Perfect. I have another assignment for you. I need you to transport a specimen from Forring to a SPIDER facility. This subject is special. Leonne Is going to demonstrate Project Lambda to the MANTIS CEO.



29452175933_66f1bbfa59_t.jpg - As you wish.








29784830440_6038c21936_t.jpg - Dismissed






29452175933_66f1bbfa59_t.jpg - Notify Branch Manager Hawk that we have located SPIDER and the CEO.










Thanks for looking C&C welcome.














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