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[MOC] The Complete Jabiim Collaboration

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The Jabiim Collaboration

Hello everyone hope you've all been having a good weekend. For the last 5 weeks 5 builders have been collaborating to try and recreate areas and scenarios depicting the Star Wars Republic comic book series (the Jabiim story arc)

here is a list of each episode

Episode I: The Battle For Jabiim (by Marathon Productions)

Episode II: Cobalt Station (by Innovative Brix)

Episode III: The Battle Of Razor Coast (by Packer221)

Episode IV: The Battle Of High Rock Canyon (by Alcloneproductions)

Episode V: The Battle For Jabiim (Prison Break) (by Krisproductions)

Here is a link to the playlist with each MOC:

I hope you enjoyed the MOC series. please feel free to leave any criticism and any tips or creations you want to see in the future.


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format messed up

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On 02/10/2016 at 11:50 AM, LaPasnaille said:

Some of these are great but why is there an At-ST in the first MOC which seems to take place in the Clone Wars? ;)

Jabiim was one of the first battles that AT-AT's ever appeared in during the clone wars.

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