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[ESL - CH4A] Balls of Gold

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Two weeks prior to the events in Mooreton bay...



It was a busy day in Nova Terreli's harbour area. Captain Corvus Rohgert from Garvey and his daughter Ellissea walked towards a green house that was well known to many sailors and captains in town: "Mayne's Black Cannonballs". In his factory Aurelio Mayne pours good iron-made cannonballs. But that's not why he is well known. It's his special (and secret) black enamel varnish in which he paints the cannonballs, giving them a special dynamic and additional strength when hitting their target. Mayne also started selling other goods, like dynamite or bullets for guns, but only the cannonballs are actually self-made and the source of his success. Román Fontonajo had long ago realised the potential of Mayne's method and financed the factory for a fair share in profits.



"Hello there", captain Rohgert said when he entered the sales-room.
"Good day, sir! How can I serve you?", Aurelio replied.
"I, Captain Corvus Rohgert, need quite a few cannonballs for my ship, the Shareka."
"You are from Carno, right?"
"Is that a problem?"
"Not in the slightest, my friend! Your daughter, I assume?, seems bored. How is your name, little lady?", Aurelio asked.
"Ellissea", the young girl replied.
"That's a nice name. Your daddy and I need to do some talking, but we won't need too long."



"... so 640 cannonballs delivered to the pier until tomorrow evening.", Aurelio said.
"But pardon, good sir, that I ask: What is that kind of ship, that needs 640 cannonballs? Your Shareka must be a 5-rated, no, that must be at least a 6-rated ship?!"
"Haha! My Shareka is far from that. A class 3 at best, I'd rather rate it class 2, if you ask me. Quite well rounded she is, though. But..."
"... yeah, I know, it's actually none of my business, am I right?", Aurelio replied.
"Quite right. So we have a deal?"
"Yes, Captain Rohgert.  Our delivery will be in time."
"And here is your money.", said the Garvian, handing over the golden coins.
"Thank you, thank you. Good travels, captain!"
"Good balls, ballmaker! Come on, Ellissea, time to go. Say bye to the man."



Back on the street Ellissea asked: "Daddy, why do they need so much gold to make those cannonballs? Wouldn't iron be cheaper?"
Corvus looked at her, frowning: "Gold? Cannonballs are not made from gold, my dear. You do indeed pour iron."
"But they did take gold!", Ellisea insisted.
"Gold? Really? That does not make... wait! ... gold... black colouring... hide it.... brilliant! ... oh... Ellissea, are you absolutely sure?!", he stared at her.
"Yes, daddy. I am not stupid, I know how gold looks. They use gold, very much gold"
"So that's where they have hidden the gold in here... Oh wow, Janszoon will like those news. He will indeed. Oh sweetheart, we are gonna be so rich! Rich, you hear me?", he said, laughing.
She smiled: "Can we buy some chocolate then?"
"It's cocoa-lait, darling. Like cocoa from Cocovia with lait, which is Oleander for milk. Don't ask me why they mixed it like this. But of course, of course, we will buy you cocoa-lait or chocolate or whatever you want to call it my love!"



Yes. The young Ellisea had seen correctly: Aurelio's men currently also made cannonballs of gold instead of iron, which they then painted black. Román Fontonajo had been given order to organise the transport of a large portion of the gold for the old world and had been confronted with the task to bring it on board of the ship - without letting anyone know. Who would suspect black cannonballs to be made of gold?
A brilliant plan indeed, Aurelio Mayne and Román Fontonajo had agreed. Little could they have foreseen that a small girl named Ellissea from Garvey would pry their secret and tell her father, who would then provide the information... to his boss, captain Janszoon of the Dark Oak, privateer from Garvey, just waiting for his chance to become rich... And it was a lot of information: Confirming what the treasury clerk had told them. He now also knew that at least a part of the treasure fleet started from Nova Terreli. And of course he now knew that even though the gold might not be visible it would still be on the ships. Well hidden in cannonballs.

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Intriguing story and great build, the way you did the interior is just brilliant with those cutaway sections!  The furnace also looks really good, and you've sure got a nice supply of cannon balls there!  I really like the color of green you've used, though a few more architectural details out front might help to bring it out more by contrast.  A very nice vig nonetheless!

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Fun story, and the cutaway design of the build is brilliant! And, as usual, you have worked in several good details to that interior. Well done!

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Good story and neat build.  Gold cannon balls are great idea until uninformed ship crew starts shooting them at the pirates.  :pir_laugh2:


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