Settlement: Fuerte Unido, Isla de Victoria, Eslandola

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Settlement Name: Fuerte Unido

Ownership: Crown

Location: Isla de Victoria (Island 11) / Skaford Heights

Mayor: Jerome Monezterell ( @Legostone )

Trade Value: 0

Who can own property in Fuerte Unido: Anyone.

Who can freebuild in Fuerte Unido: Anyone.

Fortifications: Large fort.

Troops: As of Oct. 10, 617, there are 60 troops stationed here (two locally raised companies).

Please post any free-builds that take place in Fuerte Unido in this thread.

If you want to license a piece of property in Fuerte Unido, you must be someone (in some faction)! Post in this thread and fill out the web form.

Location of Fuerte Unido:

List of licensed properties in Fuerte Unido:



Timeline of KMA (Kick Mardiers... eh Assets)/List of builds in the settlement:

Receiving Orders |  @Capt Wolf | Eslandola

Landing in Enemy Territory  |  @Legostone | Eslandola

Starting Camp | @Legostone | Eslandola  | Medium Residence

Farmer's Fortitude | @Elostirion| Eslandola | Medium Plantation

Lumberjack | @Faladrin | Eslandola | Small Plantation

Native Fishermen | @Faladrin| Eslandola | Small Commerce

Prospecting build | @Kai NRG| Eslandola | Prospecting build

Driving Mardier Back! | @TitusV | Eslandola

Eslandolan PreFab Houses | @Captain Braunsfeld | Eslandola | Small Residence

Barracks  |  @Capt Wolf  | Eslandola  | Small Residence

He's a lumberjack and he's okay  |@Legostone | Eslandola  | Small Art and Culture

Butcher | @Faladrin | Eslandola | Small Commerce

Barbershop | @Maxim I | Eslandola | Small Artisan

Residence of Zwardbaard | @Maxim I | Eslandola | Small Residence

Fuerte Unido | @Capt Wolf | Eslandola | Large Fort

Deer Hunting  | @Elostirion| Eslandola | Small Plantation

Protests against the King |@Legostone | Eslandola  | Small Education

Battle of the Five Fleets and the fate of Captain Merker | @Capt Wolf | Eslandola | Small Artisan

Bluecoats visiting Fuerte Unido | @Capt Wolf | Eslandola

Prospecting Scene | @Elostirion | Eslandola

Stone Quarry | @Elostirion | Eslandola | Stone Mine

Looking for new Adventures | @Bregir | Corrington

Leaving War behind | @Bregir | Corrington | Medium Commerce

March of the Grenadiers | @Ayrlego | Corrington

Fell of the Marderian Fort | @Garmadon | Eslandola

Soup Kitchen | @Sir Stig | Eslandola | Medium Artisan

Silver Mine | @Kai NRG | Eslandola | Silver Mine

The Fate of Captain Merker | @Capt Wolf | Eslandola | small artisan

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The crown of Eslandola just thought it might mention that it has just sent off a battalion of royal troops to aid in the defense of Fuerte Unido against any possible attacks from Mardier or elsewhere. 

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After recieving a small loan a company has been licensed by Fuerte Unido and has been stationed in Fuerte Unido.

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To the citizens of the Brick Seas.


If the maroons of Eslandola do not remove themselves from La Isla de Medio by  October 14th, 616, the King of Mardier will issue a letter of marque to all willing participants. The letter states that the captain may attack Eslandola’s vessels of all nature in the name of Mardier.   This will be considered a  lawful prize to all courts in all nations, as Mardier and Eslandola shall then be at war.  Along with this letter of marque, the king offers a generous reward for every Eslandolan vessel taken or sunk  in the conflict. Captains may keep the vessel, with a clear title for 15% of the value of the treasure on board. Any  Eslandolan Warship taken or destroyed will also merit the victor 100 gold doubloons.  We encourage Eslandola to rethink their discretions and avoid this fruitless war.



Count Adwin Encarnacion

Minister of the Colonies of Mardier

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Greetings valiant Eslandolans. The glorious forces of Corrington that were temporary visiting your settlement have now left the isle after unsuccessful attempts to mediate between your great faction and the old empire of Mardier. They have left behind some temporary fortifications that may be absorbed into your settlement if you so desire. (ie you can use the following builds as additional non-licensed builds to boost your settlements trade value if you want :classic:)


March of the Grenadiers and New Orders



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