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The Final Duel Of Tlahuicole

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Tlahuicole was a war captain of the Tlaxcala, a tribe who lived adjacent to the Aztec Empire during the middle ages.

Captured by the Aztecs, Tlahuicole repeatedly requested the honour of being sacrificed to the gods, but his legendary battle leadership meant instead that the Aztecs used him as a general in their army.

Finally, the emperor granted his wish and he fought in a gladiator duel against 8 opponents, all of whom were disabled by the Tlaxcalan. However, he was eventually felled by the ninth, and sacrificed to the gods.

In this scene the ninth warrior is the (fictional) Cipac, who manages to restore the honour of the Aztecs after a fierce duel.

This is an entry for the Lego war group's 2016 competition - final duel category.

29834338261_0ae36c034d_c.jpgThe Final Duel Of Tlahuicole by Colin, on Flickr

29290014003_402c9e56e8_c.jpgAn Offer Of Sacrifice by Colin, on Flickr

29916601605_7905b6db66_c.jpgHuey Tlatoani by Colin, on Flickr

29916606995_d692275714_c.jpgThe Priest by Colin, on Flickr


Here are some reference images I used:[/img][/img][/img]


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The scene looks very colorful and great. You certainly made the most out of minifig pieces with body paint. I also liked the little mosaic.

Oh and now I'll be off to see jungle Adventurers sets on eBay... :laugh:

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