[LDD][MOC] Rebel Alliance's 1.4 FD P-Tower (Star Wars Battlefront & The Empire Strikes Back) (Mrk. 2 -- Updated)

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The newly-released Star Wars Battlefront showcases some of the best weapons from the original trilogy films. These included the weapons seen on Tatooine, the Death Star, Hoth, Bespin, Endor, and Jakku.
This design is from the Battle of Hoth: the Rebel Alliance's 1.4 FD P-Tower.
This turret was crucial to the Battle of Hoth, as the Rebels would not be able to deal with the countless Imperial forces otherwise.
The Lego Group has released a few renditions of the weapon themselves. Some have been great, while others (like the one in 75098) barely resemble the original weapon.
This design took some work, but the end product is everything I wanted.
My MOC is a minifig-scale design with a realistic design and control panel assembly. The design is built more for looks, explaining the supplemental energy pack's inclusion. However, one of the best playability features is the snow pad. The inner assembly includes a platform which can be rotated to change the angle the turret is shooting at. Should be great in helping your Rebel troops defeat those pesky Imperial Snowtroopers or AT-STs.
Comments welcome. God bless.

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Finally got the time to offer some updated photos for this MOC design. I also made a few cosmetic changes, but overall the design is the same...just looks flashier with a Star Wars Battlefront background.





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