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Hey there!

I'm happy to present my new project - a Scania R500 replica modified with trailer and a small crane.

Size: 64 (76) x 16 x 28 (47) centimeters (numbers in brackets are the max. size in working mode)

Weight: 2.1kg

Functions: double rear wheels connected to V8 engine under the cabin, steering, openable doors and cabin, functioning crane (turntable - 2 sections - grab). Unfortubately, all the electrics are currently busy in my other WIP, so it's more of a bookshelf model :)











Thanks for watching!

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Wow such a nice build, looks strait out of a Lego box, I dont know what it is but it really looks like an official set.

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What a great truck, full of details, that crane looks really cool too, seems to be very robust, and the trailer is a great addition too, all these elements make this truck very nice, i like it.

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