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Hogwarts Castle

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Hi everyone,

The last months I have been busy. For the next Legoworld in the Netherlands we (me and my brother) want to show a large landscape with various locations and scenes of the Harry Potter series. I have created a castle a little bit based on books and/or films, but this is my version of the Hogwarts castle. In the castle there are various rooms and classrooms. The stairs in the staircase can move and are powered by Power Functions. 

Here is an overview of the castle. 


Here is a picture of the entrance and the big hall. Underneath the entrance are the living rooms of Slytherin and under the big hall is the magic potions classroom.


Here is a picture of the entire staircase.


For more pictures you can look into my Flickr album.

Flickr album of Bricks and Trains

The Flickr album shows more pictures of the event, where my castle was present. 

Feedback, comments and questions are welcome.:classic:



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Thank you all for your comments. :classic:


 I really like the moving stairs.

Thank you, it was a challenge to make the stairs move in limited space and with the parts I have at home. :classic::tongue:

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Thank you both for the nice comments. :classic:

It is great to see some more Harry Potter again.

I did not expect any more replies in this topic. :look:

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