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[LDD MOC] Lego City Future - London Doubledecker

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I`ve been very busy the last few Dayws and yesterday i planned a new MOC.

It still only exists in virtual Form but i`m collecting Parts to build this Bus in real Bricks.

You can clearly see i used the classic red Doubledecker Busses from London as an Inspiration,removed the Wheels and added a whole lot of scifi-ish Stuff to make it float.

I worked around 5 Hours on this LDD Model and the Rendering for all Pictures (exept the one with the Lift) also took about 15 Minutes each Pic.

As usual i took a regular old Car and upgraded it with modern Hover Engines to make it fly.Since the Double Decker Bus is a big and very heavy Vehicle,the Hover Engines needed to be a bit bigger.They can swivel up and down to keep the Bus stable and are very safe.Maybe your Hair gets messed up if you go too close to the Engines but otherwise it`s fine.





The futuristic Routemaster Bus also lost the narrow Stairs to the upper Area and replaced it with a small Elevator,now older or handicapped People can go up there too


The Undercarriage also holds a few Details and some simple Greebling



I wouldn`t mind getting some Comments,Critics and maybe some Ideas or Advices what i can do better.

And before you ask:Yes,a matching London Cab might be in the works :D



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Oew, nice build! It really captures the look of an actual double decker bus.
Could you perhaps take a pic with the engines swiffled down?

Love to see it in bricks and filled up with passengers.:laugh:

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