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[K - G10] Lucky Dragon

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Location: G10 - Onix
Tags: Spaceship

Agent Lotus was arriving back from another night scouring the underworld of Onix for leads on potential espionage targets when a communication came through to one of his personal accounts. One few people knew about.


Inside the message was a series of scans of a newly launched star cruiser, set to arrive at the planet sometime in the next few weeks.


Imposing and ornately decorated, he noticed the reason behind its name. "Lucky Dragon. Hmm?"


The ship was huge, and with good reason, it was a cruise ship, of course, but more than that, it housed a casino and resort capable of housing thousands.


Also attached were a reservation for a suite at one of the hotels on board, and tickets to some of the more exclusive events taking place on this maiden voyage.

The message wasn't signed, but given the cost of this invitation, he could only think of a few friends, and few more enemies, who might go to this expense to have him on board. Either way it was going to be an interesting trip.

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