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[MOC][LDD] Nexoknights SquireMech

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First of all, I apologize for my English, it's not my native language.

This is my very first attempt to work with LDD and my first MOC since... decades.

The idea is to give a Mech to Squirebots in order to escort the King's Mech.

Only the bravest Squirebots are allowed to pilot a SquireMech (so, there is not that much of them :laugh: ).

The model is heavily based on Toxikita mech from 70169.

This is a base chassis, as I don't know how to manage the hands in order to integrate weapons yet (working on it!). I also would like to add the squire weapon somewhere on the mech.

Miniature are here for squale comparison (I didn't find the proper pieces in LDD to do them accurately, sorry :wacko: ).






All comments and advises are welcome!

PS: I hope this post is in the right place.

I realise I don't introduce myself yet, time to fixe that!

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Hi and welcome. There's plenty of non-native English speakers here, so you really don't have to apologize.

Cool mech, would be nice to see it in real bricks. I think it could use an additional color, it's a bit too much blue i think. Like the idea!

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Thanks for comments :classic:

The SquireMech hasn't evolved much since last time.

I've added a clip for the Squirebot's weapon, and build a spear and a halberd for the Mech.

I'm not sure if the hands are able to holds them.





As I played a bit with the build, I thought it would be interesting to try something for the most famous Squirebots of the show.

So, there is a first try for Dennis.




This mech is on rollers and has huge boosters to take advatage of the lance.

As Dennis uses this Mech when Lance is unaveilable for the combat (so, when it's too early in the morning, too late in the evening, when he is busy or simply bored...), it's possible for it to use Nexo Powers.



The lance is huge on purpose, to give a comical design to the mech, but a sleeker one is possible. I'm afraid about the balance of this Mech when it comes to make it for real.


And there is the first try for Chef Eclair.




When time comes to defend its kitchen, Chef Eclair uses this Mech equiped with an automatic dual flavour cream distributor, a giant pan, a coffer-fridge (for the cream), and a dual catapul.

This mech is also used to ressuply Axl when he is hungry in a middle of a battle.

As you can see, the color pattern is not done yet, and I'm not sure to keep the dual catapult (I could use them for another Mech).

I think I will try to make a Mech for each Knight's bot, just for fun.

As usual, all comments and advises are welcome :classic:

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