Benny's Classic Space models - spaceships, robots, and buildings!

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On 7/5/2020 at 9:38 PM, Tim_AZ said:

Some really amazing builds and designs here.  Well done.


Here is my most recent overall view of the base, with the new command building in the shot:


Except for the 30-or-so mini-figures and my 103-stud long SHIP, (which wouldn't fit in the base, or on the table!) this is everything classic space that I own.

Interior views of the building coming soon!

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My 75293 MOD in Classic Space colors (designated number LL 202) is under construction!

... well, parts are being found for it anyways.


The two extra wall sections are for my space base, as the new ship won't fit in there without them attached. (It's currently 4 XL base-plate-square in size, but it's still not big enough for everything!) Also, the first post is updated with the interstellar frigate in question's digital pictures, while the real world HQ building's inside pictures (as promised last time) turned out really horrible, so the LDD screenshots will stay for now. Check out the first post for more details!

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My 75293 MOD in Classic Space colors is officially on order as of today, with about 100+ bricks pulled out of my bins to keep prices down. The two extra wall sections are for my space base, as the new ship won't fit in there without them attached. The other piece shown here is the bottom half of the spine of my giant robot, which needs reinforcing as it is the last weak spot I needed to fix.


We will see how long it take to get here due to the US Post Office debacle!

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I really like this ship and have since I first saw it, I just had to wait for the instructions for set 75293 (Resistance IT-S Transport from Star Wars) to come out to make sure it could be built in real bricks with the changes I had in mind. (which were quite a lot!) I'm so glad I chose to do it in LDD first before just buying random bricks, as it required SO many modifications to the design (including an actual windscreen and extended cargo bay!) and changing other colors, that I would have been completely lost just swapping parts out at random. But now, here it is, finally, in real bricks: LL-202 Interstellar Frigate.


The eight engines are attached in a completely different way to the set design, as 2 x 4 bricks with three Technic holes going straight down don't exist in LDD. This new design was the only suitable way to get them to work on the ship in a very tight space. Also, I added double raised fins to the rear of the ship, for that extra retro '80's space flair.


The cargo bay is quite spacious for troops or freight as it has been elongated by four studs from the set's original length. (You can see it is loaded with five yellow space-crates above) The roof of the cargo bay comes off, while the landing ramps fold up / down for loading or unloading of cargo / security personnel.


The front of the ship has a space seat for a single pilot with two large laser forward-facing cannons. The pilot's cabin also features actual controls and a real front windscreen. (unlike the stickers and tiles in the original set!) The cockpit roof folds away, just as it did in the original set, which you can partially see here.


Also, as a side note, check out this topic here in Train Tech for what will become my Classic Space Astrotrain which will service the base from the first page. You can see this exclusive rendered view of the train from that topic in the pic directly above! (Kudos to my great brother for rendering that model in for me!)

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Inspired by this recent @hachiroku build here.


 I have completed this new early 1950's car for Benny, who seems pretty happy with it. The first post has more pictures of it, (including one with the removable roof taken off), so please check it out!

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Meet AstroKitty (in blue) and PuppyNaut (in white)!


I've had AstroKitty built like this since 2014 when I got Benny's Spaceship (x3) from the original LEGO Movie line. I had to find a novel solution to the head-falling-off problem. (double the body width and pretend it's a bigger spacesuit) I was very sad to see Lego never released a blue one of the upside-down 1 x 3 tile parts with hole used in the newer Unikitty! sets seen around 2018 to correct this error.

I did, however, note the new arrival of Puppycorn, Unikitty's energetic younger brother from the TV show and was disappointed to see he never had a Classic Space variant, besides the "Alien" version. (which I don't count as actually being Puppycorn.) So, in short, I made one from his Dalmatian costume, made to be double wide like AstroKitty. Sadly, there is no Classic Space logo on Puppynaut, as there is on Astrokitty. (This drives my OCD nuts!) ...oh, and they have headlamps on both their helmets, to provide light in dark environments and a convenient hole for the unicorn horn to fit into. I have used what was left of the word astronaut as originally worded by LEGO, as in ASTRO goes with KITTY; so thus PUPPY gets hitched to NAUT. Thus, we get PUPPYNAUT to describe him.

Any thoughts on this latest addition?

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Benny's Classic Space Embassy base WIP - with train and spaceships

The work in progress part on this all-encompassing Classic Space base comes from:
1) there being no second train /base access gate yet, just a gaping hole
2) the Nucleus train roof pieces not being in place in this photo
3) the Astrotrain not being constructed (though it is scheduled to be!)


4) All of the Above.

If you answered 4, you were correct. The train roof parts are actually here on the train as of the 15th. (two days before this image was taken, on the 13th.)

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On 11/17/2020 at 1:32 AM, Samus Aran said:

Loocs fantastic!

Thanks, and sorry for the late reply, @Samus Aran!

Here is another update for the not-so-new year of 2021:

This Classic Space version of Build Better Bricks' Iron Giant has the head of the previous @hachiroku version of the model's head added on. (consider it a mashup of the two Iron Giant models!) I made it into CS colors (black, light / dark grays and blue) with red and green light parts, and two yellow / black bumblebee stripe tiles.


You may have noticed, the model is incomplete in places - some things just don't lineup properly in LDD like they do in real life. When fully assembled IRL, it should look much better though.


The rear of the robot. The 4 x 2 slopes on the arms are supposed to have this print.


The mouth now opens to allow for posing.


The robot with Benny's 1950's car in it's hand. He looks hungry...

(This model is next to be bought)

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Posted (edited)

This Classic Space modular rocket was inspired by the original Nexus Tower rocket from the 2010 massive multiplayer online (MMO) game Lego Universe. It lasted a little over a year, until early 2012 when it was shut down due to not making enough money to make it worth the LEGO Group's while. Out of this seemingly small game came a multitude of modular rockets each with interchangeable cabin, engine, and nose cone sections. (You can see all of them on the LU Wiki, which still exists nearly a decade later.)


The heavily revised build you see here is an updated version of the original Nexus Tower rocket modeled in Classic Space colors, which now has weapons to fight off enemies and a boosted engine unit, where once was a single engine there is now two. The intakes are also modified so they would work in real life, with this CS print on the front of the nose.


The rear of the ship features a more powerful thrust output, with the engine upgrade allowing for another whole thrust unit to be added. Also, the side wings are new, and should feature this bumblebee print on the yellow 1 x 2 tiles.


As usual for rockets of LEGO Universe heritage, it is made in modular style, allowing for many different combinations to be made.


Two of these modular ships will replace the well worn (and well loved!) "deep space fighters" from 2014. These old ships (seen above) will donate their parts to the cause of the new ships.

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Main post UPDATE 6/5/21.

The inspiration behind this large robot-recharge port model is mainly inspired by the mech repair bay from 2006 set 7709. (Sentai Fortress) from Exo Force.


I can attach the robot to a small mound behind each foot, where it holds it there by two studs per heel.

NOTE: Some parts are not attached to the robot in this pic due to LDD collision issues. I can assure you, this is not the case in real life.


The pedestal without the robot attached. The dark gray thin sidewall pieces located on three sides of the foot make sure Astro Bot 33 won't wiggle side-to-side and disengage from his charge port prematurely.


The wall supports the mech repair bay and also gives me another two brand-new wall sections (in length) in for the base to play with at the same time!


Oh, and as another small update, I've ordered the two modular replacements for the 2014-era Deep Space Fighters, as seen more above in the post directly preceding this one.

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On 6/6/2021 at 8:17 PM, Operacion Saturno said:

Cool creations. I love the CS "Iron giant"

Here are some of mine.



Awesome! Cool space MOCs, @Operacion Saturno, and thanks for liking the CS Iron Giant!


It's certainly been a long haul to get that MOC stable enough to do stuff like this picture above.


Here is the new base overview, with the new, larger base doors and a few surprise models built in for future projects. (see if you can spot them!)


This is a major design update to the base’s two land-vehicle entry doors!

This new, larger base swing-open door will replace the older sliding ones currently used, which were based on set 75919 (Indominus Rex Breakout) from 2015’s Jurassic World. This new design is based on set 7709 (Sentai Fortress) from 2006’s Exo Force. They have in-built RC train tracks, which can be changed over to 9V tracks quite easily.


They are the same size as the old doors in wall length (two modules long), and will slip right in where the older ones were quite easily. They also allow for taller cargo trains to go through the doors easier, as before there was a height restriction. (Yes, there are two technic connectors missing. LDD's air-tight part tolerances won't let me add them in, sadly.)


I was planning on doing the doors like the original Senati Fortress using the original part, but in yellow like shown in the Brick-Link picture above. This became impossible when the part sold out in quantity greater than four or five. (I needed 12 total for both doors.) Thus, the new design was created using the newer girder parts, which conveniently are the same size as the previous part when used in pairs of two.

Any thoughts on these new developments?

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This model is based off 60192 (Arctic Ice Crawler) from the 2018 CITY Arctic theme, this MOD is called the Lunar Crater Crawler and moves boulders with it's rather large gripping claw tool.


It can seat one fully-suited astronaut figure. It also has printed controls in front of the space seat. Floodlights sit on the sides of the craft, allowing you to see on the dark side of the moon, while there is a clip for a handheld radio should you need to contact the command base.


The rear should feature the Classic Space logo on a 4x2 slope, while a bumblebee stripe printed 1 x 2 tile goes above the logo. This printed pieces will be applied in real life once it's built. 

Any thoughts?

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This eight-wide Classic Space model was loosely based upon cobbled-together hot rod in set 70829 (Emmet and Lucy's Escape Buggy!) from the LEGO Movie 2 - the second part. (and yes, It's a MOD of an earlier MOC model from 2019.)


I have reconfigured the car's front end (the only part I kept mostly intact from the set) for use with Benny the 1980-something space guy, and added trans-yellow windows, a blue + light gray paint scheme, with additional black / yellow bumblebee stripes for good measure. I have removed the set's wild suspension, and added a more tame rear half to better match the front portion. This looks (to me) like a late 1970's muscle car, of the same time frame when Classic Space launched in 1978.


The car also has two side mirrors, red wheels, and a license plate in the back instead of the original huge engine and jet booster exhaust outlet. In addition, the printed Classic Space logo goes on the middle 4 x 2 slope on the trunk area.


The car has inside seating for the driver, and a new trans-yellow windscreen part (!) from summer 2021 set 60295. (Stunt Show arena)

NOTE: This model (minus the new windscreen) and the Lunar Crater Crawler have been ordered as of yesterday, the 10th of June.


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