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My first pirate Moc... that was unexpected

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Hi everybody,

my brother gave me the old lego from our childhood and I loved the pirates.

I made an litte update :pir-classic: It is my first kitbash and i find them great, so that I decided to make a little story for the figures.

This is my first vignette und more will coming soon. What do you think about my creation?

Sorry for my english, I hope you know what I will say :pir_laugh2:

Best wishes,



Queen Catherine I. sent out Sir David (from the Royal Dragon Guild) in search for hidden treasures

and explore distant islands. The monarch would build up a flourishing trade with distant colonies.

Sir David thought for which brave men he shall take with him on his adventures and presented

an interesting team together, for example the armorer John and the wise and faithful companion Paul.

He knew from the beginning that this would be no easy task, but that he would meet on the first day pirates,

even surprised him. Suddenly Paul said what everyone was thinking: I have a bad feeling about this ...


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Nice island !

Good minifigs ! I like them a lot ! And I am not really a fan of fleshies !

For a first MOC here it's great !

Welcome to the community ! Good job !

Have you thought being part of our piratey game : brethren of the brick seas ? You could easily tell nice stories with great build like this one !

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Such a nostalgic view! Pirates is my favorite series. Could I see it on Classic  This is a small but very picturesque pirate creation with some interesting, eye catching details. It reminds of a few pirate sets of early 1990-s, golden age of LEGO pirates. I can see some pieces from those ages - am I right? I always liked pirates. I like the playability of your creation and that you combined a few different ideas in one set. Perhaps we can exchange building techniques because I like some of your ideas. I think your project can be more popular if you devote it too the forthcoming jubilee – 30years of pirates, as I did.

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