Voltrahk; Rahkshi of lightning

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One of 3 g2 rahkshi I've been working on, This one is based on the old rahkshi of chain lightning, which sadly never had a story role but did officially exist. This model has a swiveling waist, functional kraata compartment, a flight mode, and mean looking staff that can split in half to form swords.

There's a stage 1 chain lightning kraata in its back.





I'm almost done with a Vorahk and just started making a Turahk. might do a gravity rahkshi too, it had blue and silver colors, and I have a spare dark blue head.

Also, does anyone know how to embed pictures without them being giant?

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Oh gawd, I like this very much!!! Rahkshi was my favourite line of figures and seeing one built using CCBS brings back some good old memories. I really like the body and how you made the legs. Great job, thank you for sharing!!!

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This is lovely. Ever since I got the 2016 Toa, I've been wondering if I could repurpose those CCBS waists to make G2 Rahkshi. I guess I now have my answer.

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