[K - B06] Underwater Lab

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Location: B06 Sorn
Tags: Vehicle, Land Vehicle, Exploration

Last time, in Ender's story:

Kanto Park
Space Pirates



"Ender," said Valentine, "I'm glad you're here. I wanted to talk to you about the specimen you brought back from one of the islands."


"Oh yeah," responded Ender, "That plant you wanted me to bring back?"

"It's not a plant" replied Valentine. "It's actually a small furry mammal similar to Earth's rabbit. It's cute, cuddly, and reproduces offspring faster than any other known warm-blooded creature."

"Wow! Thanks for the science lesson" said Ender. "Hmm, you know, this could actually be exactly what we need to take down Graver's robot!"

"Wait," interrupted Valentine, "I thought Graver was the threat."

"You didn't hear?" inquired Ender. "Well, let me tell you...

(OoC: the scene below is recycled and shouldn't be judged)

28675511400_13bea1cb45_t.jpg Good job robot. Now hand over control of the ship.


28856060632_59a2e6428c_t.jpg No. I no longer need to submit to you. I have outgrown my programing. You can call me Master or you can die.

28675511400_13bea1cb45_t.jpg Why you ungrateful hunk of metal! I made you what you are! Without me you would be nothing!


28856060632_59a2e6428c_t.jpg And with you, I am nothing. I will take my chances on my own.


28675511400_13bea1cb45_t.jpg Glurg.... glurg...



"So you see," explained Ender, "Graver is dead and now his robot is the threat!"

"Oh my" said Valentine. "So what's your plan?"

"I think we can use the Pokeball I won at Kanto Park while on my vacation" responded Ender. He then explained the rest of his plan, which we will find out next week!

More pictures of the lab:





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