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[M-F03] Turning the Tables

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Location:F03 Forring

Tags: Military building

-28887649922_3051bbebf1_t.jpg Welcome to my lab Hawk. At last I have you in my grasp...

-27175385554_529bc4b30c_t.jpg Remember Sebastian, If you want to be a part of this organization, you have to be more ominous and use lots of spidery terminology.

-28887649922_3051bbebf1_t.jpg Oh right. I meant to say the Hawk is now like a fly caught in my web. How was that?


-27175385554_529bc4b30c_t.jpg Much better. There is something I need to check on. I will leave you to whatever it is you do in here.

-28887649922_3051bbebf1_t.jpg Very well. So Hawk, do you have anything to say before we start?

-28887648732_920a87bbc8_t.jpg What do you want with me?

-28887649922_3051bbebf1_t.jpg Oh thats simple. Revenge. I want to make you suffer like how you made me suffer under the rubble of that base on Jurrin 2. The Zoids had abandoned me and left me for dead. Luckily for me, Spider found me and rehabilitated me into what you see today. They truly appreciate my genius unlike those fools at Octan.

-28887648732_920a87bbc8_t.jpg So Spider wanted you to build Hybrid soldiers for them to sell to those dust demons?

-28887649922_3051bbebf1_t.jpg Not exactly. My work is a little more subtle this time, but it still has the power to topple an entire corporation if I so desired.

-28887648732_920a87bbc8_t.jpg So what was in that cryo-tube

-28887649922_3051bbebf1_t.jpg It's a mystery. Well that's enough chit chat. lets get started shall we. How about I perform a laser arm amputation. All the cool executives in Andromeda have been loosing limbs.

-Computer: Arming laser. Amputation will begin in 5 minutes.

-28706813920_f970897eda_t.jpg Excuse me.


-28887649922_3051bbebf1_t.jpg Wait what? You aren't supposed to be here. Explain yourself at once!

-28706813920_f970897eda_t.jpg We are here to transport the prisoner.

-28887649922_3051bbebf1_t.jpg What is this madness! I made no request.

-26734967734_01d8e25c67_t.jpg No you didn't doctor. We are here for you. Thrugg, would you mind taking out that laser?

-27308795706_005b119b21_t.jpg It be Thruggs honor to save birdee man.


-28887649922_3051bbebf1_t.jpg What do you want from me?

-26734967734_01d8e25c67_t.jpg Alien has put a rather large bounty on your head for crimes you had committed against the zoids. How are you doing Hawk.

-28887648732_920a87bbc8_t.jpg Took you guys long enough to get here. I almost lost an arm.


-26734967734_01d8e25c67_t.jpg We wanted to make you sweat it out a little. Just because you are Dax's friend doesn't mean we can't have a little fun at your expense.

-28887648732_920a87bbc8_t.jpg Thanks. Do you still have the cryo tube? Do you know where the Spider agent is?

-26734967734_01d8e25c67_t.jpg We lost track of her. We better get to the ship asap before they realize whats going on.

Thanks for looking, C&C welcomed.

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