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[K - G10] Vending Machine Repair Man

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Location: G10 - Onix

Tags: Spying

At an Octan outpost in a remote region of Onix, an exasperated employee answers the door in a panic.


"Finally, you're here!"

"29 minutes, another minute and you'd have got the repair free. Sorry it took so long, traffic was a nightmare."


"Hey're you're not Octan certified!"

"I work for the manufacturer. Way down the list of subsidiary companies. But if you want me to leave and wait for someone with a white outfit on...?"

"No, no, just fix it! Tell me you can fix it?"


"Sure, I just need to twiddle this knob..."


"and pull this lever...definitely not hacking your mainframe...not at all."


"And if I flip this switch, it might look like I've now got access to all of your records, but it's actually just letting me fix this machine."


"See? Now I can reprogramme this thingymabob here..."


"and if we wait a few seconds..."



"Sweet, tasty pizza! It's been so long!"

"Enjoy it, my friend, you've earned it."








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I really like it. It's like you've captured the essence of all those devices that you think you know what they should do but you just have no idea how they work. Then someone comes along who does know and even though then explain it to you as they go, you still have no idea. :grin:

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