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[Challenge 5][Cat E] Space Vault

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Agent Lotus sat down after a long day, and turned on his holo-watch. Space Olympics, still going on.


An athlete representing the Octan team was running full force, a long pole in hand.


as he got closer to a marked line, he dropped the pole, embedding it into the ground.



The athlete propelled himself skyward, still holding onto the pole.


Letting go at exactly the right moment, the Octan representative soared over the bar, floating across the various anti-gravity plates beneath him to safety.

Agent Lotus grumbled..."grr, gotta hand it to the guy, he did well."

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Haha, Love all these polevault entries! Yours is quite nice, and unique in that it doesn't actually depict a character from your faction entering the contest. Nice work on the antigrav stuff, and the Idea is quite cool! Great job!

Insectoid Aristocrat

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