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Kodan Black

[O - H04] An Unexpected Gift

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Location: H04 Crofter's Ridge

Tags: Civil Building, Land Vehicle, Science



I was still concerned for the data inconsistencies that had arisen from my most recent work in the supposed destruction of the lab. I'd carefully checked and re-checked the data to look for any sign that the lab had in fact been obliterated. I knew that I should trust the team I had been with, they certainly had never given me any reason not to! But as a man of science I couldn't reconcile the facts versus what I had been told.

I was still pondering it as I resumed my work. I went down to the Advanced Research lab and checked over the latest readings from our energy generation equipment, the efficiency is next generation compared to our current methods. We still need to make sure of the long term viability and the safety of it, but thus far the results are extremely promising. Once we validate all of our current data, the next step is to work on making things smaller and easier to mass produce. I found myself so engrossed in my work that I had forgotten all about my concerns with the lab destruction. Until I was suddenly reminded when I was told I had a delivery from The Major and his team!


I went to the loading area where shipments come in and go out and found a rather odd situation. There was a worker that had a much larger gift than I expected. I was thinking there would perhaps be a small box for me, but alas I found a large robot animal.


The driver said that it was programmed to be a companion and that The Major himself had selected it for me! This was clearly a sign of how much they valued my contribution on the mission and how much respect they had for me.


As a robotics specialist it was really a great selection. I'm sure The Major knew how thrilled I would be with the robot and had carefully selected it. Apparently it was meant to have a roughly canine shape to facilitate human-robot bonding and was capable of traversing all different terrain. It even had a feature that reported performance and status information back to the manufacturer so that it could be given updates and also know when it needed servicing! What a forward thinking feature! I was very excited to have the wonderful gift and couldn't wait to show Dr. Allison and ED-208. I knew I couldn't tell them about the mission, but showing them this would clearly indicate how much my contributions had been valued.


Extra Pics:



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