[MOC] Batman - The Ace Chemicals Heist (Lego Ideas Submission)

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Hey Guys, first time being on Eurobricks. Anyway, I wanted to share my submission to the LEGO Ideas Group and hope for it to get spread around!


LINK - https://ideas.lego.com/projects/150702

I wanted to make a set that was a throwback to the Late 30s/Early 40s line of Batman Comics. It includes a playset version of Ace Chemicals and Includes Figures such as:

Batman (Detective Comics #27)

Commissioner Gordon (Classic)

Red Hood (The Joker)

Generic Gangster

The Set includes a Vat for Red Hood to fall in and a safe for the bad guys to rob. I build the walkway barriers in a way so you can make Red Hood to fall straight through.

Another Reason I created this set for was for the Detective Comics #27 Version of Batman, It a cool figure and I;m surprised that LEGO made this figure into a SDCC Exclusive or a Polybag and same for Commissioner Gordon Classic. Didn't have hope for this version of Red Hood.

I would love some feedback and please support and spread this project around! :)



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