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New concept of modular buildings: pedestrian street

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More photos you can see on the page of this modular project:

I want to present you my new project "Modular pedestrian street".

I really like the modular buildings, which makes LEGO company. Each new official LEGO modular building is not similar to the previous one. Each new set is an interesting building, which occupies a large part of the standard base plate 32*32.

Pedestrians, in turn, have to huddle on a narrow strip of sidewalk.

In such a small space it is difficult to create something interesting from the life of minifigures.

I want to propose to build a long pedestrian street which there is in every city.

The most interesting is always happening on a pedestrian streets: street performers, musicians, artists, street cafes with the cheerful companies and so on.

My project is fully compatible with the official Lego modular buildings.

If you make several similar sets, you can create a long pedestrian street where you will be able to create all sorts of interesting stories and situation with your minifigures. This is a very exciting and interesting!

My project is the begin of walking street.

In the buildings there are a jewelry store with a jeweler's office, a hostel, a souvenir shop and a small cafe.

I think the pictures will tell you about my project more than I can write.

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