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[SR-Ch4A] Sinbad's Choice

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WARNING! The story below is a graphic one. Do not look at the pictures if you faint at the sight of blood!


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Rumors were rampant with word of a possible treasure, but specific details were scarce. Captain Li of The Viper was determined to be the Pirate who would be known for getting the treasure. His crew spotted a cog known as Barell Belly (not shown in this post) in the distance and he decided to see if they had any information about the treasure. Of course, being the kind of captain he was, he decided to torture the information out of the crew. As they approached the cog, they realized it was a whaler. Li sent a small number of his crew out to retrieve the crew who were harvesting the whale oil while the rest of the ship took care of the Barell Belly.


The whalers had just finished slaying the whale so the long boats were still a long ways from their ship. This allowed the small party from The Viper to approach without suspicion as Li began his attack on the Barell Belly.


Li had commanded the men to bring back as many prisoners as possible for questioning. But the party's captain had other plans. As soon as they were out of ear shot he told the crew, "I'm itching for a fight today boys! Now we're going to kill the lot of these whalers and have some fun with it! We can tell the captain they put up too much of a fight to bring any of them back alive. You all with me?"

There was a chorus of "yes" from all the crew except Sinbad. "And you, Sinbad" asked the leader. "Can we count on you?"

"You're the boss, boss" was Sinbad's reply.

"Good, now let's give them what for!"





Three of the men were dispatched with brutal quickness, but Sinbad kept hesitating. He never had any intention of kill his man. But he was contemplating his next move. He was in a right sticky situation and he knew it. All four of his fellow pirates wanted him dead. And he knew they probably intended to kill him here and now and make it look like he died in the fight. But how was he to get out of his predicament?

"Please, I'm the captain, I can pay you a ransom" said the man Sinbad was holding at gun point. "Just don't shoot me and we can both come out of this with what we want."

Sinbad called over his shoulder to the leader, "Boss, he says he's the captain. Maybe we should take him back to Li for questioning."

In that moment Sinbad knew what he was going to do. How had he ended up in this situation to begin with? He had chosen it. He had chosen to join a pirate crew because he didn't want to live by the rules his family and country had dictated he must follow without consulting him. His whole had been planned out and regulated without so much as a thought as to what he might want. So he had left it all behind to join a crew of men who made their own way in the world. He had even chosen to serve Li over his father Cho, as little as he liked to admit it, when he left Cho in prison. Being a pirate was really about being able to chose your own way, and dealing with whatever consequences there might be, good or bad. Sinbad was going to give this lot a choice. They could obey the captain's orders and bring this man back to Li alive, or they could chose not to and face the consequences.


The boss called out, "Now Sinbad. We agreed, are you going to make this difficult for us?"

The other men started to turn towards Sinbad so he made his move.


Sinbad shot the first man in the face blowing him backwards. Then he leaped across the whale's carcass grabbing one of the harpoons on his way across.






"You all had your chance!" shouted Sinbad. "You shouldn't have chosen to cross the captain and kill me." And with that he threw the harpoon through the flesh of the last pirate.


His dirty task finished, Sinbad tied up the captain of the Barell Belly and sailed back to The Viper, still carrying the harpoon.


OoC: Since I know someone's going to ask, the harpoon is from this set. Not a common piece, but I ran across it while I was making a Bricklink order awhile back and decided I really wanted to use it as a pirate weapon. And the orange hair is from the new Beauty and Beast set.

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Great story! I really like your depiction of the whale carcass, and your minifig posing, especially in the later action sequence, is excellent. Well done!

That Sinbad fellow is one bad m----- / Shut yo mouth! / I'm just talkin' about Sinbad. pirate_laugh2.gif

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Yep, great story indeed and the action is very well done! I don't think I've mentioned it before but I especially like Sinbad - great choice of head! pir_laugh2.gif

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Good storytelling and I really like the construction of the larger boat. Though possibly the last guy should have maybe taken cover.

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Cool depiction of a whaling scene - the carcass in particular is looking nice. Perhaps making the harpoons stick out at different angles would make it look even better? The story is great, and I like how you alternate between telling it as text and then, for the more action packed parts, telling it with pictures.

The pirate vessel is a bit chubby (rather chibi, actually) and her rig is rather simplistic, but she uses some interesting techniques. Lastly, I would suggest working abit more with the water. Perhaps consider how a wave would form around the carcass and boats and indicating that, as it looks a bit bland right now.

Lovely build, and I love how you link all your builds to the same story! Keep it up.

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