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[SR-FB 1 Sept] Pirate Dojo

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While Cho had been secretly hiding out in Rassilon he had contemplated his mis-fortune. His own son had left him to rot in a Mardien prison. His men had essentially mutinied against him and no one had come back to rescue him. He wanted his ship back and he wanted a crew to command. But as long as he had no gold, neither seemed like a reasonable possibility.

While in town he heard the rumors of a treasure fleet bound from Nelisa.


He decided to visit his old Sensei. He know that if anyone in Rassilon had information on the treasure, it would be him.


"Sensei," said Cho, "I see you are still training men in the ways of martial arts. It seems that even Sea Rats can be taught discipline."


"Yes," replied the Sensei, "You would do well to remember your old lessons. You seem to be lacking in discipline yourself these days if the rumors are true. Not even able to hold a crew together eh?"


"Sensei," said Cho, "It was not I who lacked the discipline, but my son. He's the one who choose his own way rather than submit to me. But that's not why I'm here."

"But it is why you should be." answered Sensei. "You think that treasure will buy your way back into power, but what you don't understand is that you are working with pirates. They exist because they do not believe submitting to their authorities is in their best interest. They want to choose their own way and reap the full rewards of it without having to share with anyone else. That is what your son understands and you do not. Sea Rats will not submit simply because the honor demands it. But they can have honor in their own way. If they respect the Pirate Code and their fellow men who uphold it, that is a kind of honor. But enough of my prattle, as you said, it's not why you're here. Come inside and I will share with you what I know of the treasure."

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For some reason I picture the pirates dancing, not practising deadly marshal arts! pirate_laugh2.gif So graceful!

Lovely smooth building, the dark bley pattern and curved stairs are especially nice!

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Great looking dojo - I really like how clean the grey parts are, and the roof is brilliant. The choreography of the martial artists is very elegant and dynamic too.

I wonder if Cho will be able to utilize information about the treasure fleet, considering he has no ship! - Looking forward for more!

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