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[SoNE Ep. XII] R09 - Looking for clues on Felucia

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Jix, an Ugnaught, has been living on Felucia since Zaael and his team freed him from his slavers. He had been working as a slave in a mine on Kessel for a crime lord that had ties with the Empire. After years and years of hard labor and sour circumstances, in a lost moment, Jix found a transponder. He was looking for some equipment to repair his mining drill in the office of his boss, Kar’ta. There it was, just lying around. Without a thought he took the transponder and send out a message. Zaael and his crew were just passing by Kessel, on a “trade” mission, when they received the message. After much debate where especially Bill and Fe’ya were against Zaael’s plan to save Jix and the other slaves and put a dent in the Empire’s supplies, the rebels freed the slaves and put a heavy blow (and many explosions, courtesy of Bill) to the Empire. Having nowhere else to go Jix joined the rebel crew for a while. He and Bill learned a lot from each other, as it turned out Jix was a nifty engineer. Jix proved to be a valuable member to the team and he and Zaael became true friends. After a while though, Jix felt the need to live a more peaceful life without the danger and action. He liked the jungle feel of Felucia and it gave him a true feeling of freedom, so he settled there. Zaael hadn’t heard from his old friend ever since, until now.


Zaael: Jix, old friend! It is good to see you!


Jix: Hah! Are those watery eyes I see?
Zaael: It’s the humidity of this hump of clay.
Jix: Ah of course… Ghehehe.
Zaael: How are you? That’s a nice cabin you have there.
Jix: Yes, thanks, it is! I am doing great friend. I like it a lot here. I have made friends with the locals, grow my own food and, most importantly, don’t have to be scared of losing my life to one of Bill’s gadgets.


Zaael: Haha, I can imagine. Bill gave me this and told me to give it to you. You might want to be careful with it, he told me not to drop it as well.
Jix: Oh no! Haha, this is an inside joke. It does not explode for sure. We used this to fool a band of Stormtroopers on Corellia. They bought it, thinking they were real, and we made a good profit.
Zaael: All I do remember is we had a great dinner. You and Bill treated us, I never understood why, but now I get it.
Jix: Haha, yeah!
Zaael: As much as I’d like to talk to you about the old days, I came here with a mission. You had some intel for me?


Jix: Yes, as I told you, I made friends with the Felucian village not too far from here. When I was there a few days ago I saw a shady figure moving about there. I saw her face for a nanosecond. She saw me too and seemed startled. Not long after I saw a ship leaving the planet. It appears she was hiding or living close by the village and she was getting supplies. One of the Felucians found the stuff she left behind and gave it to me.
Zaael: Interesting, this is some valuable stuff indeed!
Jix: I thought so too, that’s why I responded to your message. It is some high tech stuff, might even be Imperial.
Zaael: Thank you Jix. The Rebellion and me are, once again, very grateful for your help.


Jix: It’s nothing, everything I can do to repay you for my freedom is something. I still owe you a lot!
Zaael: Hah, no you don’t. You’ve got yourself to thank for your freedom.
Jix: Ever the humble person my friend.


Zaael: I’ll be off to get these goods to the right people. Thank you again old friend. Till next we meet.
Jix: Be safe and may the force be with you.


Overview of the build:



The Forseti prototype starfighter:






C&C is much appreciated! :classic:

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Great build - I really like the flowers built with the pink umbrella pieces. Awesome ship, too - I think the little areas of asymmetry give it a genuine Star-Warsy vibe.

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Very good! That Felucia look is fascinating to look at. Some of the parts you used I didn't even know they existed in those colors! :laugh: Very vibrant and gorgeous-looking. The overall layout itself seems a little bit barren, using a smaller space to give a sense of a denser vegetation would have helped with that, but on the other hand I see the necessity for the used space since you had to fit both a starship and a house in it and probably didn't want to have them sit right next to each other. The ship is a great effort, but I think I like that little house even more. It really gives off the vibe of someone living in his trailer in the wild and looks very Star Wars-like. Fantastic!

Also, I think it's worth mentioning how you carefully chose a matching background for your scenery, which helps the overall mood a lot! All things considered, a great entry!

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Those are some pretty shiny plants! Nice combination of colours though, the spaceship and the house fit in nicely

Excellent job on the ship

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You certainly made brown appear to be a vibrant color! The building and starship and foliage are superb! I sort've wish there wasnt as much bare ground but your build still looks great regardless!  

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