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Cody Startale

[SoNE Ep. XII] R08 – Den Of The Dragon

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View my cast of original characters here:
Nar Eurbrikka Cast

See the introduction of Cody Startale into the story here:
Episode 0 – The Introduction


The full story in images (it is recommended to read this first)


Monty Python: … behind which is probably the Empire. Ask everyone you know about anything they know about this situation. Act quickly. May the force be with you.


Lt. Brynna: You heard it! Let's go!
Cody: Where are we going? I thought we were gonna leave this planet!


Lt. Brynna: We are. But there's something I have to investigate first and since command has placed you in my custody, you're coming with me. Time to take off those handcuffs.
Cody: Gee, thanks!


Lt. Brynna: You're welcome. Besides, I cannot drag you around Imperial territory cuffed like that... or wearing that uniform. *zip*


Cody: So, what are we doing?
Lt. Brynna: Visiting an old... 'friend'. There's been an attempt on Skywalker's life, and the guy who's been seen here might have enough reason to be involved with this...
Cody: Sky-who?


Cody: Wait, that's the place? This building looks like it has been in ruins since before the Clone Wars.
Lt. Brynna: From what Intelligence told me, he should be here. The neighbourhood is definitely right up his alley.


Cody: Wait! This guy isn't dangerous or something, now is he?
Lt. Brynna: Most definitely. Do you think I'm carrying that blaster for fun? Now pull yourself together, I'm opening the door.



Cody: Woah! Somebody turn the lights on.


Cody: What is this place? It looks like a war room in here. You sure this is the right place?


Lt. Brynna: Seems so. Look what I've found – credits. Lots and lots of credits. Someone's been paid a hefty sum to do... something. And I bet it has to do with Skywalker.


Cody: Okay, great. You found some money. Can we leave now, please? This place is creeping me out. And it seems to be deserted, anyway...


Lt. Brynna: Oh, really? And why does a deserted place have an operating holodesk?
Cody: You're right. That's our town right there...


Lt. Brynna: And see that highlighted place labeled 'Target'? It's an astromech data core factory!
Cody: Yeah. What about it?


Lt. Brynna: What about it?! The attempt on Skywalker was carried out with a sabotaged astromech droid, brickhead! Don't you see a connection right there!?
Cody: Oh.


Lt. Brynna: Quick. What other data is in there?
Cody: There's a label called 'Reinforcements'... *click*


Lt. Brynna: That's the planet, alright. Commenor.
Cody: But where are the reinforcements?



Lt. Brynna: There! An Imperial Stardestroyer is on its way here!
Cody: Gasp!


Cody: What now?
Lt. Brynna: That's our exit cue. We take to our heels and get the hell off this planet. Turn off the holo.


Lt. Brynna: We don't want to be here when they arrive. And we also have to pass on to the Alliance what we found out about Skyw– …




Lt. Brynna: Oof!
Bounty Hunter: Leaving so soon, Alia? I thought we could chat a little. But please, do me a favor first...


Bounty Hunter: Say 'Skywalker' one more time. Just for me.

To be continued....

Clear images of the build (for judgement)









Bonus: the cast


From left to right: Cody Startale, bounty hunter Ruw Zabro, Lt. Alia Brynna


Various extras. All hail the mighty brick-built pidgeon merchant! That guy's just cracking me up.

Thank you for your attention. I've had it in my head for weeks, and bringing it to life brick for brick has been a blast!

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I rarely visit the SW forum, but this proves that I should visit it way more often; what a cool build! Awesome scenes, excellent photography! I especially like the hologram scene and the final image where Alia gets mugged. :wub: Did you use a laser to achieve the glowing red eye?

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Wow, this comes off like a comic book! Great dialogue and action scenes, fantastic posing and faces. While I'm rooting against the Rebels in the episode I really hope to see lots more builds from you. :grin:

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Thank you, guys! So glad to hear that you like it :) I really wanted my first entry to leave a good impression.

Exetrius, indeed, I used a laser for this. That was some tricky photography, since I was holding the laser in my shaking hand and the remote for the camera in the other hand. Trying to position the laser right on the eye and setting off the camera at the right time to capture it took quite some tries! But the end result was well worth it :)

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To quote an infamous Imperial dog "Impressive most impressive."

This is incredible! I am somewhat blown back by both the presentation and the build. The camera angles are excellent, the part usage is very clever especially that holographic imperial star destroyer. The lighting change when they activate the holograms is a nice touch and helps make your story even more immersive then it is. A lot of thought and work went into this build and it shows.

I can't say how much I love this enough! :classic:

(edit: I forgot to mention nice titles on the first picture!)

Edited by Forresto

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Wow! Fantastic story and your photography is impeccable!

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