[SR-FB 2 August] Secrets in the Hold

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Sinbad had stayed on board during Li Fang's attack at Pirate Lagoon. He still didn't like the idea about killing Corries and Ollies in cold blood, but the two groups had been about to slaughter each other at the lagoon so what difference did it really make? Left to their own devices, one of the two parties would have killed the other and then turned their attention on the Sea Rats. The recent Pirate Purge had shown that to be true. Just because they didn't want to follow a tyrannical king or pay heavy taxes to an unfair trade company the Sea Rats were labeled villains and scallywags. Perhaps he didn't agree with Li's methods, but he couldn't argue with the results.

There was much Sinbad still wasn't sure about. He didn't know if serving under Cho had been better than serving under Li. Both men commanded respect and under both men the crew had seen gold flowing into their pockets. But under Cho there had been no expression of their freedom from the chains of the ruling nations. In truth they had acted little different from one of the Empire's lackeys while under Cho. Under Li they at least showed the Empires that they were free men, free to earn their money the way they wanted to. But was slaughtering men in cold blood really the best way to do that?


Sinbad had been lost in thought as he walked through the hold but when he heard voices he stopped.


"Listen men, we can't keep following this joke of a captain" said the man in the hat.

Sinbad recognized all four of the crew members, even in the dim light of the hold. It appeared not everyone shared his view that Li's results were good ones.

"He keeps sending us on wild goose chases!" the ranting continued. "We need a captain who actually has a plan, not just one who's out for his own personal glory. What does his glory get us? Not more gold, at least not for us!"

"I say we bide our time until his back is turned and we push him overboard!" said one of the other pirates.

"Naw, everyone would know who did it. We gotta make it look like an accident" said another.

"Then we're all agreed. We'll find a way to get rid of the captain. Then we can get rid of his runt, that Sinbad" finished the boss in the hat.


Well that wasn't something Sinbad expected to hear. The crew thought of him as a stooge for Li? Sinbad thought he had become a respected member of the crew. Could it really be that they just feared him like they feared Li? And no matter how much he disagreed with Li's methods, he wasn't about to let a bunch of low-life scum take him out. He would have to think of something. And soon.

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Nice scene. You captured a nice claustrophobic feel of the under decks.

BTW, where is Sinbad's chest print from?

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It's a good print. Shame that one didn't end up on sale in my local Lego Store.

Also, I like how you've built the interior of the ship and it's structure for the scene. I really need to pay more attention to some of these techniques.

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