[COR - Mine Prospect] We have found gold!

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Alex, Henry, and Jimmy's families each moved to Elizabethville from different parts of Corrington. Being around the same age they have quickly become fast friends. Recently, they have been out exploring around there new homes. Alex at 7 years old, heard some of the older boys talking about gold. He has decided they will find it. Borrowing a couple shovels and pick ax from their parents, they have found the perfect location to dig.


Henry: My hands are getting sore. Are you sure the gold is down here?

Alex: Of course this is where the gold is.

Jimmy: I am super sore also. Do you want to take a turn shoveling all this dirt?


Henry: I can't shovel, because I am watching for the gold nuggets.

Jimmy: I could look for some gold nuggets.

Alex: What do gold nuggets even look like?

Henry: You guys are only 6, and I am 7. I know all about gold. I have to keep watching for the nuggets. We should be seeing one soon.

Alex: I am almost 7! Then I can take a turn looking for the nuggets.


Scrape, scrape, oof.

Alex: What is this shiny rock?

Henry: Let me see!

He inspects it for a few moments, tapping it on the pick ax and holding it up to the sunlight.

Henry: We have found the gold! We are rich!

Jimmy: I can buy a toy soldier!

Alex: I can buy a pony! Throw down the ladder. I want to come up and see our gold! I could pay someone to do my chores!

Bouncing around excitedly, they continued to discuss what they were going to spend their gold on.



Note: This is a prospecting build near Elizabethville. In a month, we will find out how knowledgeable Henry REALLY is about his gold nugget.

Check out this link for previous builds regarding Elizabethville and the WETEC.

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Good luck to the young prospectors!

Thank you! I figured that since I had no idea what I was going to get, making young guys the prospectors helped explain the difference between this build and the actual results.

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