[MOC] Large Minecraft Layout

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Hi all,

I would like to present to you my latest moc: Minecraft Layout (V 2.0). Maybe you remember my old one: http://www.eurobrick...29&hl=minecraft

I took that one apart and started building a new one with the new sets. The right "hill part" is modular: the plates with terrain can be taken off to get easier acces to the mines underneath. The mines feature a zombie spawner, end portal, minecart tracks, water and lava pools and some platforms.

There are two ways to acces the mine; on the top of the hill there is a minecart track which leads down and on the side of the hill I made a working piston door, which can be controlled by a lever.

Without further ado, here are the pics. More, like a video of the piston door and WIP's, can be found here:







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This one was really interesting :D

I have been looking around on the "World Wide Web" for Lego Minecraft AFOLs (google), and I wonder why it hasn't been a huge hit.

I have my own speculations, but I want to hear your (obviously one who can handle the theme) speculations why Lego Minecraft is somewhat forgotten?

Thanks in advance :)

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